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Filming and photographing with a drone is a reality

Author: Ron Burton
by Ron Burton
Posted: Sep 09, 2018

Recreational drones are everywhere. There is not a day going on without you seeing drone images on social media, on TV or in photo magazines. Photographers have understood that filming and photographing with a drone can produce images that have never been seen before. If the use of a drone is possible today for amateurs as for pros; do not think that it is enough to invest in a drone, to stick to it your favorite SLR and to send it in the air take pictures. It does not work like that. There are bases of control to know, specific shooting materials and a very particular way of making photos and videos for drone photography Alabama.

Tips for taking pictures from a drone

Taking pictures with a slow shutter speed from a drone takes practice, but is well worth it. Set the white balance manually before you start. Automatic white balance may malfunction when using very strong ND filters, which will cause large color differences between pictures. If you take RAW photos you do not have this problem. Also take as many photos as possible. Nine out of ten photos you take will probably be blurry, especially with a shutter speed of a few seconds. The drone always moves a little, even if there is no wind. Do not forget to remove the filter from your camera after gulf shores drone videography session.

Aerial Photography and Drone movements

Thanks to drones, aerial photography becomes accessible to all. It brings a lot of spectacular images hitherto only reserved for professionals. Video shooting techniques differ from those used for terrestrial video. With the drone, it is about aerial video and if the movements of camera must be identical to those used for the video production, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the camera is embarked on a drone and that It is necessary both to control the drone and to ensure the quality of the framing and the precision of the movements of camera only with the video return on the screen connected to the radio control.

Conclusion: Technology that you need to understand

More dynamic and less expensive than a helicopter, these cameras offer new shooting possibilities and are increasingly used in video shooting or taking photographs. Drones are also used in the surveillance field because they allow remote control of large areas, even if they are difficult to access. A drone is an object subject to numerous regulations that must be respected. The pilot must be able to react in case of failure of the device to ensure that no one is injured by an accidental fall. For landscape drone videography gulf shores, a tripod is often used for shots with a slow shutter speed so that the camera does not move and the environment in the picture is not blurred.

About us:- However, it is not possible to fix your drone on a tripod when it is in full flight. You can still use filter on your drone, because the current drones are able to do the on-site and the gimbal electronically keeps your device fixed in the right direction.

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