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When would you need Melanoma Treatment and where you can find it in India?

Author: Debraj Shome
by Debraj Shome
Posted: Sep 12, 2018

Melanoma is a skin cancer which develops in melanocytes. This is an area where pigment of cells takes place inside the skin. This is a serious form of skin cancer because the tendency of spreading this disease is quite higher. This form of cancer can also spread to other parts of the body. Therefore, it can lead to serious illness or death. Melanoma is not so much popular like other types of skin cancers. But it can spread or grow easily as compared to others. This arises by pigment-producing cells which are also known as melanocytes. It is also called as mutate which become cancerous. The pigment cells are found in the skin, but this melanoma can take place in the eyes known as ocular melanoma. Treatment for this disease will depend upon doctor recommendation. Melanoma treatment in India is applied for overall health benefits.

Stages of Melanoma cancer:

These stages can help you with proper diagnosing. So these stages will provide an indication regarding suitable treatment. This disease is categorized into 5 stages such as:

Stage 0:

This is an initial stage when cancer is present in the outermost layer of skin. This stage is also known as melanoma in situ.

Stage 1:

This is a stage when cancer becomes 2 millimeters (mm) thick. It is not spread to lymph nodes or other body parts.

Stage 2:

It is a point when the cancer stage becomes at least 1.01 mm thick or may be thicker than 4 mm. this cannot be ulcerated or can spread to lymph nodes.

Stage 3:

This 3rd stage of cancer is quite major and this can spread to lymph nodes or lymphatic channels. The cancer is a disease which cannot be visible for a longer time period. And if in case it is visible, and then this is quite clear that it is thicker than 4 mm. And this is a condition when it can be ulcerated.

Stage 4:

The serious or last stage when cancer can spread to lymph nodes or different organs such as the lungs, liver and brain.

Some doctors who provide Melanoma treatments in India make use of imiquimod cream i.e. Zyclara instead of the radiation therapy generally used in this surgery.. The treatment for this type of skin cancer depends upon the stage of cancer. In sensitive areas, some doctors prescribed the use Mohs surgery. Melanoma that enters the brain is hard to treat. Single tumors are removed by surgery or radiation therapy. Avoid overexposure to the sun for prevention of skin. Sunburn can increase the risk of skin cancer which needs to be prevented.

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