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Arborist San Antonio – Why Hire A Professional Arborist?

Author: Steev Cooper
by Steev Cooper
Posted: May 05, 2014

A professional Arborist in San Antonio is recognized in providing quality tree services for both commercial and residential properties. With extensive experience and great passion for nature, they apply exact standards to all their work. Properly pruned trees can add beauty to the landscape. The Arborist, or the tree doctor as they say, is mainly committed to develop long term relations with the clients by providing dependable service. His main function is to help in building a clean and healthy environment by treating one tree at a time. From the large array of services provided by arborists, a few them include specialization in tree trimming, tree removal services, stump removal and grinding, safety cuts, deep root fertilization, health appraisals, crown raising and crown reduction, complete tree removal and Artistic landscaping.

What is tree injection treatment?

The main aim of the tree doctors is to offer tree injection treatments. These treatments are very cost-effective and environment friendly. Unlike using soil applications or spraying, treatments are injected into the tree using plug, drill which seals the solution into the tree. Injection technology is used to treat pine beetle, emerald ash borer, leaves chewing caterpillar, oak wilt, scale insects, palm treatment, spiraling whitefly, iron deficiency and many more. Allow them to maximize the value of your property by saving trees from diseases and pests using their tree injection treatments. You can always call them to get a free estimate of your work.

What pruning types are done by tree doctors?

Arborist San Antonio are passionate about understanding tree services and tree trimming correctly. A tree that is pruned properly can look safer, better, healthier and need less trimming. There are different ways to prune the trees. One of the methods is called as crown cleaning. In this they remove all the dead, diseased, weak and broken branches. In Crown thinning method – they remove the branches to increase the air movement and increase the light penetration thrown crown. Thinning can reduce the weight of the heavy limbs and help the tree to get natural shape. In crown raising and clearance pruning method – they remove the lateral and lower branches to accommodate clearances. In Crown reduction method – they decrease the height of the tree and spread of the tree. Minimizing the spread or height of the tree is accomplished by pruning the branch terminals to lateral branch. Another kind is the crown restoration. In this they help to restore the crown of the tree that has been improperly pruned or they have been damaged in a storm. Crown restoration can take several applications to regain the tree natural structure. If one has decided to go for any tree services, one can depend on these professional and experienced tree doctors.

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