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Top Tips on Hiring a Crane

Author: John Hinds
by John Hinds
Posted: Feb 05, 2021
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When hiring a crane, it is vital that you consider a number of important factors in order to end up with the right piece of equipment for the job at hand. Hiring a crane is a more complex process than a beginner might imagine, but if you follow some straightforward advice it can be a smooth and simple experience.

Before you make a decision on any crane, and before making any enquiries at all it is vital that you fully understand the detail and scope of the job that you will be working on. When renting a crane you will also be needing a rigger in order to fasten the straps, cable and chains. They are in charge of executing the lift. When you discuss the job with the rigger, knowing the detail will help them know if you need a bigger crew. Get them on board and involved early on so that your project will be moving in the right direction from the get go.

One of the most important tips is to seek the advice of the experts. If you can find a reputable hire company with experienced staff, like this one in Sheffield, then you should pick up the telephone or write an email to ask the questions you need answers for. These are the people dealing with crane hire on a daily basis who know the industry inside out and should be more than happy to help. This is also a good way to judge them as a potential source for your crane. If they are helpful and you like the way they deal with your enquiry, then you’ve also gone some way to researching your hire company at the same time.

As with any contract, when approaching crane hire companies it pays to get competing bids, especially if you are fresh to the market. It helps you to gain a good idea of the market value of your desired crane. Of course, money is not the only factor – you need to look at inventory quality, peer reviews and gauge whether you like the customer service of the company.

When you have signed the contract, it is vital that you prep the site before the crane is delivered and you have your rigger on site. Otherwise the crane and rigger and any additional crew will be sat idle while you frantically remove any windows and otherwise make the site ready for the job. In addition it is highly advisable to schedule your crane’s working hours. Having it running during ‘off’ times is a cost you do not wish to entertain and is usually avoidable by having an efficient and clear plan for each day’s work.

A final tip to boost efficiency is to ensure that the transportation of the equipment is very tightly coordinated. We’re talking about the hoisting of equipment, the crane itself, along with any other ancillary equipment. The last thing you want is for you and your crew to be waiting for someone who you can’t get in touch with.
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