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What Are the Symptoms of Prostate Cancer? When to Seek Medical Care?

Author: Pete Jameson
by Pete Jameson
Posted: Sep 18, 2018

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer may trigger a range of feelings, including depression, anxiety, fear, and disbelief. While everyone finds their way to cope with a diagnosis, this blog will help you to feel as though you are not alone. Here the Kansas City urology care specialists have discussed some symptoms of prostate cancer and when to seek medical care for your prostate cancer treatment in Kansas City.

Number of People Affected By Prostate Cancer in the USA

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancer types in men. According to the American Cancer Society, around 161,360 new cases in the United States each year! This means 1 in 7 men will receive a diagnosis of prostate cancer in their lifetime.

Anything may happen, if you postpone your prostate cancer treatment. Did you know around 26,730 yearly deaths occur from prostate cancer among U.S. men? So never postpone your treatment.

Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer

  1. Blood in your semen
  2. Pain on ejaculation
  3. Pain on urination
  4. Frequent urination
  5. Difficulty initiating or stopping a urine stream

If you have these symptoms, book an appointment with the one who is specializes in urology care in Kansas City to confirm whether you have prostate cancer or not. Don’t take these symptoms as easy, maybe it is a starting stage of prostate cancer. Remember, prostate cancer can spread to nearby organs or travel through your bloodstream or lymphatic system to your bones or other organs.

Spinal cord Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

Spinal cord compression is a true emergency and the first sign of prostate cancer.

  • Decreased sensation, numbness, or tingling in the groin or legs.
  • Weakness in the legs and difficulty in walking
  • Increased difficulty urinating or moving your bowels
  • Difficulty in controlling your bladder or bowels

Conformation Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

  • Deep bone pain
  • Acute kidney failure
  • Bladder obstruction
  • Urinary tract infection

Such symptoms require immediate evaluation in the nearest hospital emergency department. Visit the urology care center which specializes in Kansas City cancer treatment right away.

Wrapping UP

Most men with early prostate cancer don’t have any signs or symptoms. But some things may mean you're more likely to get prostate cancer. Even if you don't have any of the symptoms that we talk about above, speak to your healthcare doctor to confirm.

The author of this article is the Kansas City urology care specializes who offers prostate cancer treatment at an affordable fee. In this article, he has discussed what are the symptoms of prostate cancer? When to seek medical care? To know more, visit

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