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Uses of copper sulphate in agriculture

Author: Viraj Shukla
by Viraj Shukla
Posted: Sep 21, 2018

Copper Sulphate also known as Blue vitriol, Salzburg Vitriol, Bluestone etc naturally occurs as a part of a Pentahydrate salt. Copper sulphate pentahydrate suppliers cater to a number of Industries like construction, Metals, Dyeing etc. Copper sulphate in agriculture is expansively used to stimulate growth in Plants and animals alike. Copper is an essential micronutrient that is required by plants, animals and humans for crucial biological functions like replenishing blood, synthesizing food and digestion. In this article, we will talk exclusively about the use of Copper Sulphate in agriculture, the science behind it and why you should be considering putting it to use if you own a plant or animal farm.

Photosynthesis: As we already have told you in the introduction, Copper is required by plants for photosynthesis. Copper deficiency can wreak havoc with the health of your plants which translates to diminished yields. Copper reacts with the enzymes which naturally occur within a plant which are involved in photosynthesis. Copper deficiency manifests in crops in many forms like withering leaves, yellowish tinge on leaves, perforation etc. Copper deficiency impacts the color and taste of vegetables negatively and can slowly cause the plants to die out completely. Copper sulphate is water soluble and can easily be added to the existing fertilizers you use, to provide wholesome nutrition to your crops. For information on its proper use, refer to government guidelines, Agriculturists, or Copper Sulphate manufacturers in India.

Toxicity: Copper Sulfate as strong antibacterial and antifungal properties. Copper sulfate when added with slaked lime, gives a compound which is popularly known as ‘Bordeaux mix’(referring to the french city) which when added to plants and crops, protect them from fungal and bacterial infestations. Keep in mind that the quantity of Copper Sulphate required by plants vary across species and its best to consult an agriculturist before you use the compound as an antifungal agent.

Animal Husbandry: Copper Sulphate in the feed grade quality is widely used in all kinds of animal farms like Poultry, Sheep etc. All animals require Copper for healthy growth and copper sulphate feed supplements, can boost animal growth to the max which ensures that animal raising times decline and produce increases greatly. Check online and with manufacturers to know more about specialised copper sulphate feed supplements and their wide ranging benefits.

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