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Your Cocktail Party will be woefully incomplete without these Cocktail Glasses

Author: Cook Hood
by Cook Hood
Posted: Sep 21, 2018
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If wine, rum, scotch, brandy, vodka or gin does not entice you in their isolation, you can count on being a cocktail person, just for the excitement of it. You can well be on the path to declare yourself as a cocktail connoisseur if a certain mix-n-match of several alcoholic beverages with a dash of this and a dash of that is your thing. The flavourful drinks served in variety of glassware enhance the feel of the drink and lifts the mood of the party.

This particular blog takes you on the journey of knowing which glass to which type of cocktail so you never feel left alone in your knowledge as well as in taste experience.

Classic Cocktail Glasses

Everything has a contribution to the flavour of cocktail, like ice, ratio of mixer to liquor, the amount in addition to the glass it’s served in. With classic cocktails, it’s just written as to which ones is going to be delivered in which glassware; the only specifics being if you want to experience sophistication and or just plain playful.

Here are the cocktail glasses you should get to know better.

Martini glasses : Martini Glasses with holding capacity of 3-6 ounces are the commonest. Mostly martinis get serves but other refined cocktails that do not require ices go well in this glass.

Coupe glasses :

Originally dedicated to enjoying champagne, Coupe glasses have come a long way to serving craft cocktails; aviations, sidecars and daiquiris to just name a few. Distinctive broad, shallow bowl atop a stem is its prime identifier.

Highball glasses :

Cocktails with a high ratio of mixer to alcohol and are typically served over ice are served in Highballs, Consider a Tom Collins or a mojito. A bit wider and shorter than Collin glasses, they are created directly in the glass.

Lowball glasses : These are short glasses with solid bottom having the capacity of 6 to 8 ounces. Ideal for muddling ingredients, these are meant to be served neat; examples include a White Russian, a Sazerac and an Old Fashioned.

Shot glasses : Available in various shapes and sizes, these glasses are primarily known for Vodka but also go well with several cocktails. Made of thick glass base (so that you can slam them down without thinking twice), they can hold 1½ ounces on an average. Short shot glasses are employed for classic shots, and larger shot glasses can enhance flavour of unique recipe combinations.

Snifter glasses : Snifters with their short stem allow warmth from the hands to be transferred to the drink. The large bowl attached to that stem allows for swirling. These are great to intake aromas of the cocktail (with whiskey and brandy) while sipping, thanks to its shorter mouth.

Sour glasses : Characterised by smaller size with wider opening when compared to champagne flutes, Sour glasses are good for small cocktails, 5-6 ounces, especially a vodka or whiskey sour.

Cordial glasses : If you are a stickler for after-dinner liqueurs or even a wine of your preference, this glassware does the trick. Stemmed glass with small bowl are efficiently employed sophisticated as party glasses.

Specialty Cocktail Glasses

A deviation from regular cocktails, speciality cocktails could be rare due to sheer preference or occasion. Drinking them is made more fun with the cocktail glassware chosen to present them in. Many party hosts are beginning to serve these drinks to make their event more memorable; that gets enhanced with glasses. Take a look.

Irish Coffee Glasses : Traditionally accepted for presenting coffee, these sturdy heat-resistant glasses come with a handle. You can drink warming beverages like Irish Coffees and Hot Toddies, without getting worried for scorching your hand.

Hurricane glasses : Hurricane cocktails are meant to be served in these lamp-shaped glasses. Designed in 1940s by Pat O’Brien, a tavern owner from New Orleans, this rum-based cocktail is sweet-tasting, flavoured with fruit juice and grenadine.

Margarita glasses :

Distinctively double-bowl shaped, their sizes can vary depending on the type of Margarita. Frozen cocktails go well in it, with a choice to decorate its rim with either salt or sugar!

Tiki mugs : With a tropical appeal coming straight from Indiana Jones movies, Tiki mugs are unique addition to tiki bars and themed restaurants. These now also come in colourful crystal glasses, making them more chic. Jazz your (rum-based) drink up with exorbitant garnishes and feel great holding the Tiki mug.

So which one of the type of cocktail glasses is closest to your heart?

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