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When to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

Author: Marcus McGowan
by Marcus McGowan
Posted: Sep 22, 2018

Los Angeles is infamous the world over for its vehicle-related problems, hence the implementa-tion of Vision Zero in 2014 by Mayor Garcetti. As most LA residents will know, the aim of the multi-national program is to completely eliminate vehicle-caused deaths. Now, the goal of the LA program is to do so by 2025, however, since the implementation (though certainly not as a result of it), there has been a steady increase in vehicular fatalities. 2014, for example, tragi-cally saw around 47,000 traffic accidents take place. In 2015 this number rose to just over 52,000; in 2016 that number rose by almost 20%.

Anyone can see the trend, and what the trend in part indicates is that either you, or someone you know, has likely been impacted by the stress, loss of life, limb, or property that such horri-ble accidents can visit upon individuals and their families. Since 2011, pedestrian fatalities have increased by upwards of 39%. This is not to sound the alarm, or hyperbolize the dangers of simply walking or driving about in LA. This is, however, to highlight the use and prudence of knowing about the options for hiring a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles.

What Will a Car Accident Attorney do for Me?

The answer to this question obviously depends on the specific circumstances of your case. For all that, a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles will generally help put your accident behind you in a few key ways. For starters, they will help you understand and settle questions of fault. This is especially important for making insurance claims and ensuring your premium prior to the acci-dent. What’s more, and probably at the forefront of your mind once you recover your nerves, is what remuneration for damages you are entitled to. A car accident lawyer or personal injury attorney will assist in determining just what sort of monetary compensation you can acquire. This may even include arguing on your behalf to the other party’s insurance company their re-sponsibility to replace or repair your vehicle.

Tempers are hot in LA, and are often more torrid than the weather. This means that even as you prepare a case at the party whom you may find at fault, that party will likely be doing the same thing. A worthy car accident lawyer in Los Angeles must be as prepared to muster a de-fense on your behalf as they are to mount on attack.

Know Who You Can Trust

Now, as suggested briefly, sometimes the biggest challenge, the most oppressive stressor, can be the insurance company, especially your own. A seasoned car accident lawyer in LA will know the true value of what your insurance policy is worth. They will also know when your insurance provider is busy trying to low ball you than support you in your time of need—after all, that’s what you’re paying them for. Moreover, even if you do settle with the insurance company, this does not legally preclude you from filing a lawsuit against them. Last, always make sure you understand how your accident attorney’s fee structure works—some are slyer than others.

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