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Blue light blocking glasses for improved sleep and vision protection

Author: Blutech Lenses
by Blutech Lenses
Posted: Sep 22, 2018
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Sleep has many benefits that an average person needs to live a healthy daily life. And that does not need contradiction from any end; pretty much everyone knows that already. Thanks to the never-ending activity on social media and free coffee at work, however, sleep has become a secondary activity. It goes without saying that this is not good for you as disturbed sleep patterns = health risks.

But let’s zoom in on the never-ending activity on social media now, and leave free coffee to one side. When we spend long hours, especially in the evening, looking at our mobile phones, tablets or computer screens, browsing through our social media feeds, we are being exposed to large amounts of blue light. For those who are not much familiar with blue light, it is basically an intense, artificial light produced by LED screens. Yes, LED screens, which are now included in just about all modern day devices. So, is it fair to say that all modern day devices are harmful in a way? Pretty much, yes!

You must be wondering – "how is blue light related to disturbed sleep?"

Simply put, prolonged exposure to blue light can make a mess of our body’s natural clock, also known as, circadian rhythm. See, when it gets dark outside, our brain produces a chemical called melatonin which signals our body that it is time to go to bed. However, blue light suppresses this chemical’s production, which can lead to insomnia-like symptoms and harm your mental state, physical health, and quality of life.

Is there any way to combat these alarming effects of blue light? Fortunately, there is. Blue blocking glasses are an easy (and smart) way to combat blue light and aid great natural sleep. These glasses are specially designed for people suffering from sleep deprivation or those who have trouble sleeping in the night. The lenses used in these glasses are developed in such a way that they block most or all of the blue light and harmful UV rays that could play havoc with our natural melatonin production. Basically, the lenses work by filtering out the blue light part from the visible color spectrum when you are using your devices at night.

As a consequence, all you have to do is get yourself a pair of blue light blocking glasses, and wear them while you are using your digital devices at night, and you will shortly find yourself in dreamland bliss! But, of course, you can always put on these glasses during the day as well for continued protection.

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Blue light blocking glasses block ALL blue light — including healthy amounts, and distort your color perception.

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