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Natural Ways to Deworm Your Dog

Author: Rhonda Jewel
by Rhonda Jewel
Posted: Sep 26, 2018
treating worms

If you have a dog, you have been concerned about parasites most likely. It is a common practice that the conventional veterinarian can often scare us into using the harsh chemical to deworm our dogs. However, those chemicals are not necessary when there are gentler, more natural ways to remove parasites.

Here are some of the more natural ways to deworm your dog:

1. Garlic

Garlic is an excellent way to treat worms in your dog. It helps to enhance the immune system and can be used to help treat giardia as well. In fact, a scientific study has found that garlic is as effective in treating worms as the chemical dewormer prescribed by veterinary, Ivermectin. Some people think garlic is not safe to give to dogs, however, a moderate amount of garlic is not toxic to them at all. You’d have to give an awful lot for it to be a problem. Just give half to about 2 cloves chopped up in your dog's food, depending on his size, One clove per ten pounds once daily, every day for at least a week or two to see results.

2. Black Walnut

Black walnut is quite effective in treating worms. Though black walnut is a natural dewormer, care must be taken to give the right amount of dose, as it is a powerful and potent herbal due to the tannins it contains. Best to use the tincture 1 drop per day for 10 days.

3. Oregon Grape

Oregon grape is not only an effective way to treat parasitic infections in your dog but is also a natural antibiotic and is helpful in strengthening the liver.

It can be administered to your pet as a tincture, using 12 drops per 20 pounds. However, Oregon grape should not be given to dogs suffering from liver disease or even to expecting a litter.

4. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds in the raw form is a great way of preventing or treating worms in your dog. I recommend grinding them in the food processor. You can feed them to your dog as on regular basis, or give daily for a few weeks to remove parasites. Give one teaspoon for every 10 pounds of your dog's body weight.

5. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth can be an effective wormer as well. However, it might not be work for tapeworm. I recommend adding pumpkin seeds and garlic as well for a nice daily wormer for about 3 weeks. Give small dogs a teaspoon per day and dogs over 50 or so pounds a tablespoon per day. Make sure it’s well mixed in his food as inhaling DE can irritate your dog’s lungs or get in their eyes.

6. Coconut

Coconut oil has been found to be effective in treating and eliminating roundworms; as they bunch together and cause obstruction in the intestine. Don’t give heavy doses of coconut oil to your dog but increase the dose gradually and ( feed daily to keep worms at bay ) until it is 1 t per day for every 10-pound body weight of the dog.

Also, dried coconut is a va know dewormer as well, it can help remove tapeworms from your dog.

Dried coconut can be added to the food, giving 1 tsp for small dogs, 2 tsp for medium dogs and 1 Tbsp for large breeds.

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