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Top 5 Highest Paying Survey Sites You May Never Have Heard

Author: Ronak Singh
by Ronak Singh
Posted: Sep 25, 2018

Money is that one universal thing which everyone runs after. Whether you are a student or a hot-shot businessman- if there’s one thing you cannot get enough of, its money. We all have a lot of free time to spare every now and then; especially during holidays or vacations. We might as well make that free time productive by actually earning some extra bucks.

How, you ask me? Well, there are many approaches to earn money online. However, one of the most convenient and easiest ways is through survey sites. Online surveys are especially more effective for students who wish to meet their day-to-day expenses. All you have to do in those surveys in either answer questions regarding the brand, play games, watch movies or review products.

While some survey sites are astonishingly famous and most people prefer to employ the well-renowned sites only. However, by the number of users increasing tenfold, your chance of earning moderately decreases along with it. Therefore, it’s best to go for those sites which have comparatively lesser competition for users.

Here are the top 5 highest paid Survey sites that you don’t hear about often; still all of these are worth trying out-


It’s a company which only a handful know about. It’s not one of those hotshot survey sites in which the users constantly have to fight over the surveys. Surveyeah is minute in size; however, the fewer number of users, the higher your chance of earning well.

A lot of international brands sponsor their products on Surveyeah and all you have to do in order to earn in Euros or Amazon vouchers is to answer questions or take online polls. Surveyyeah rewards remarkably well and is among my personal favorites.

2. Ipsos-I-say

It’s not one of those sites which you may not have heard of. It’s quite popular and millions of users are using this. However, the reason I included it in the list is that it does not disappoint. A vast number of users are active; though you’d be surprised at how many opportunities this site gives its users to make money.

3. OnePoll

OnePoll is another strong candidate on our list of well-paid survey sites. This site is known for its short and simple surveys which take about 3 minutes at most. With OnePoll, you can easily earn well over €40 in 9-10 hours daily. Another benefit is that it’s not even hard to find surveys either.

4. MySurvey

MySurvey is a very renowned consumer panel which is famous for granting rewards to new members who participate in market research topics. Each survey takes about 15 minutes on an average and the users earn 100 points for each survey they partake in. Per 345 points equal to €3.

5. YouGov

This particular site is a tad unique than the others. Surveys are not conducted on similar topics like the ones above. YouGov is indeed fascinating and focuses more on social issues, public affairs and general topics which are more likely to interest the user. Every survey can be paid for up to €3 and you can even unlock several price draws.

So, those were the 5 well-paid survey sites according to me. In all these sites, the amount payable for each survey is varying and the duration of the survey is also different for each site. All of these five sites are brilliant at what they do.

However, my personal preference is definitely for so many reasons. To cut it short, I would say this site is more beneficial because it’s not as popular as its competitors and that is an advantage to us users since we get to earn a lot better with each survey with Surveyeah.

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  • sunnybidlan  -  1 year ago

    Amazing article that's for great information free PC game download

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    Wow. Thanks God, I reach to your blog. Thanks to too. Keep it up brother. Live long

  • Guest  -  2 years ago

    You forgot mentioning You Gov is not available wide world , so no point even mentioning . Also , I don't think Surveyeah is that much of an advantageous of a panel , their site is very confusing , there's no history of completed surveys , Surveys sent by email , the only way we get them , are very scarce , get unavailable very quickly , their partnership with cint is unconvenient , just on clicking to open the surveys I feel unsecure about I'll be really redirected to a survey , but with Cint on the way is very unlikely that happens . If they partenered with SurVeyMonkey , opinionbar or GFK for instance , I think we could have a better luck , we could complete surveys more often .

Author: Ronak Singh
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