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Best Third Party Inspection Service Provider in india - OSS Certification

Author: Oss Certification
by Oss Certification
Posted: Sep 26, 2018
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Third party inspection is an important service for goods and services rendered by the manufacturer and purchased by the retailer or reseller to the customer. It can include investigation into different manufacturing categories covering a wide variety of industrial products/sectors. Precisely, a company needs TPI to measure production failures, chances of improvement, betterment of process, quality commitment and various other points of distinction to fulfill the criteria of product trustworthiness, client satisfaction and commitment to company’s goodwill.

Importance of Inspection:

Presently, there are endless manufacturers and sellers exhibiting their products in the market leading to a tough competition in the process. The competitive environment has forced some companies to allow substantial price cuts in their products by using obnoxious means of cost reduction like use of substandard raw material, reduction in weight of goods than required, flaw in manufacturing, selling malfunctioning or untested products. Inspection plays an endless role towards product improvement by filtering out imperfections through various stages of production from designing to construction and packaging to transportation.

Third Party Inspection in simple words means putting a check on the working process in the business world at every stage from some external/not related entity which has required expertise in validation & checking of that process. The external entity is called Third party, since it is neither the producer nor the buyer of the product or services being inspected. A product or service goes through number stages before it is available in the market for the final customers. Third Party Inspection is basically related to the task of scrutiny at different stages of production in order to maintain the level of quality and confidence of the customer in business.

Category A of Third Party Inspection is involved with The ISO 17020 standard to undertake stern quality examination of a product from every stage. TPI becomes a mandate for some of the most pertinent Govt. and private sectors of the country like fertilizer plants, oil and natural gas, chemicals, machinery, pharmaceuticals, telecom, transportation, food, et al.

The service is only carried out by an outsourcing agency appointed under the flagship of a certification program. Once a certificate is approved, it adds to the trust of the customers and improves the rank of the company. An accredited agency with only good track record is eligible to practice this investigation program to assure quality of the product and services.

A third party inspection agency cannot interfere in a company’s designing process, fabrication or construction although it can authorize internal process scrutiny, quality performance audits.

Selecting a Third Party Inspection company: An insight

We have different inspection agencies providing various services to the customer but a clear insight about how to choose a TPI company rests with some wisdom and right approach. In order to get the most appropriate Inspection Company at your doorstep, these points should be fulfilled by them. Some of them are:

Privacy: An inspection agency has easy access to the critical documents of its client company during an audit. So the agency must ensure that its client’s information is secured in the utmost manner possible. The trust of the client is prime, so information must be privy and confidential.

Unbiased approach: Quality checks ensued by the agency must be genuine and without biased judgment. Any partial opinion can influence the company’s standards of operation so the quality check must bear authentic objectives.

Past experience about product: Portfolio speaks a lot about the exposure of an inspection expert. If the agency has practical experience to inspect a particular product, then it would provide accurate report of it using its analytics and professional understanding.

Targeted Timeline: Project completion must be aligned with inspection activities in the first place to ensure parallelization of both project delivery timelines and inspection completion so deviation in product process can be corrected immediately. Also inspection delay means loss increment for the project so inspection report generation should be done precisely.

Ample Amica: The perfect place to complete your Third Party Inspections:

Ample Amica is a renowned company with a wide array of inspection services that serve up to the prominent certification value to organizations worldwide with a gamut of Third party inspection services covering an entire range of industrial products. From inspection of machinery and equipment, transportation, storage, fabrics and garment manufacturing, metal items, solar power projects, switch gear to almost an endless variety – We have a Quality Inspection team to look scrupulously into each detail of raw material inspection, inspection during the production phase, testing trials, final inspection and Vendor Audit.

Ample Amica is always ready to serve the company needing third party inspection. Being a well experienced body in the service sector, our organization will provide a comprehensive level of reliable services to meet every need of your company. Our dedicated staff of Engineers has already worked with myriad industrial corporations having had gargantuan experience exhibiting wise investigation potential. Ergo, we simply meet every Indian and International Regulatory Standard (ASTM, ANSI, API,, JASO, etc.), for products inspection and customer requirements.

Why Ample Amica is preferred?

The organization covers a comprehensive set of inspection standards of quality check at different stages, thus providing total inspection solution to the client.

These inspection steps are:

Inspection before production: Inspection on raw material procurement, quality and quantity of material purchased and guidance on pricing are ensued by our inspection experts to the buyer. We assure product quality in the first place before it reaches the customer.

Production inspection: During production check is an integral inspection undertaken to see product quality during the manufacturing process so that costly mistakes are avoided and contained.

Random quality check: This pre-shipment inspection follows a random check to ensure the product quality is compliant with all country, industry or particular specified requirements and that any major or minor defects are contained leading to product reliability in terms of quantity and quality standards.

Loading inspection: It complies with the principles of the buyer to get the material as per specifications by his order. Issues like quality and condition of the goods and their packaging along with handling procedures are met including safety and cleanliness.

Third Party Inspection is the second name of reliability because it generates a lot of trust and goodwill to the buyer of the seller and serves as a potent tool to integrate customer standards with international level of acceptance.

Some important third party inspection services covered by Ample Amica:

  • Raw Material inspection for quality and quantity.
  • Mid process inspection for process scrutiny and output testing.
  • Final inspection to ensure quality and quantity.
  • Witness Testing to comply with factory acceptance tests.
  • Installation inspection to authenticate reliable equipment setup.
  • Pre-dispatch inspection for final goods testing.
  • Design testing to assure product standard to specification.
  • Vendor Audit for complete product quality assurance.

Third Party Inspection provides the following benefits:

  • It verifies the product compliance as per specifications rendered by the buyer.
  • It elevates company goodwill and improves customer’s confidence on product.
  • It enhances product quality and improves deviations.
  • Makes products and services reliable to acceptance.

While third party inspection is a criteria to improve the quality of products and services given by an organization, it must be integrated as an essential component to provide potent visibility of the company in the foray of international levels of quality standards and stature.

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