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Smart Air Conditioners and their Worth in Modern Times

Author: Cielo Wigle
by Cielo Wigle
Posted: Oct 10, 2018
air conditioners When you hear people talk about ''smart homes'', they are talking about monitoring your home's electronic system remotely from any location, any device connected to the internet. With the help of this feature, you can pre-set the temperature of your ''smart'' air conditioner, modify it, turn off the cooling, make sure the doors are locked, and much more. You do not have to buy a smart home from anywhere, you can make your current home a smart home by making some changes which include adding and installing features that can be controlled with a PC, tablet, or your smartphone. Smart Ac control makes things more convenient for homeowners who have to stay out of their home for longer periods.

Air conditioners have become a sort of essential commodity to be used in modern houses. Global warming has led to days becoming more hotter than earlier, and it has led to manifold increase in the sales of air conditioners because people want to get rid of the humidity and sweat as soon as they step inside their home. People have central air conditioning, window, wall or split Ac units to keep their homes cooler when temperatures rise. Recent years have witnessed the addition of smart air conditioners to the mix by companies, which can be controlled remotely using your smartphone or PC. So, for example, you could program your smart Ac by turning it on or off whenever you want from any location you may be at.

But how do you know that which smart air conditioner will best suit your needs and requirements? Read on to know more about different types of air conditioners, their benefits and trade-offs.

Portable: Portable air conditioners are the size of a small suitcase that have large exhaust tubes. These large tubes should be stick out of a window. Though they are the easiest type of air conditioners to install, they are also the least efficient ones.

Window air-conditioner: Probably the most common type of air-conditioner, these air conditioners simply slide into an open window. Like portable units, they are quite easy to install, but they will block the lower part of your window. You cannot use that window for anything else other than using your Ac. You also have to make sure that the installation is accurate fit and any gaps on either side of the air-conditioner are blocked completely for efficient cooling.

In-wall units: Very similar to window units, in-wall units are generally more expensive and installed by cutting a hole in the wall of the room, though it won't take up valuable window space.

Split units: Split units are divided into two parts- inner section (installed on the inside) and a compressor unit that is installed on the outside. These two parts are connected with each other by a small pipe.

You can install any of aforementioned air conditioners and use smart air-conditioner control to operate your air conditioner from anywhere as per your needs and requirements. Make your home air conditioning, a smart air-conditioning that also helps you to reduce electricity bills.

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