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Tips To Make Your Challenging Winter Move A Success

Author: Randip Dhiman
by Randip Dhiman
Posted: Oct 10, 2018
winter move

Surviving a winter move is a real challenge. Moving in winter has some benefits as you get the chance to get the best deals on the new apartment. Moreover, this season experiences less number of people moving so you get a good chance to negotiate with the moving company. So, winter move can help you save a few bucks.

On the contrary, winter also makes everything go slow, so can be your move. The heavy snow though so beautiful can make your move ugly. The icy roads and furious blizzards can add to the difficulties. Here are some tips to make your move a bit easy.

1. Check the weather

Keep a check on the weather forecast. Before you select the date for your move, be sure to take the precautionary measures for any kind of approaching storm that could inhibit your move. Keeping an eye on the traffic is equally important. Choose the best suitable route having the least amount of traffic to your destination. If the weather seems iffy, opt for other safer routes.

2. Do not load the winter stuff in the truck

Do not pack the items like salt, shovel, snow-mower, and, winter accessories like jackets, gloves, and hats in your moving trucks. Instead, keep them in the car with you so that you can have them handy whenever required.

Clear away the sidewalks. If they are icy, sprinkle salt on them. The salt will melt the ice which will help you and your movers to walk safely. It is likely that it snows heavily at your destination, in this case, you need to dig a path with the shovel to your new apartment on your arrival.

3. Have warm food and hot drinks handy

Severe winter demand hot drinks and hot food intake. Have a plenty of hot food and drinks to stay warm from inside. Pack your coffee-maker in the end. Serve some food and hot coffee for your movers too so as to ease out the move.

4. Hire the professionals

The easiest way to deal with your move is to hire the professionals. They provide faster and hassle-free services. Hiring a moving company in Brooklyn NY USA has loads of benefits. They are well aware of the seasonal challenges that can come across during a winter move.

5. Reach out to your friends

If money is a constraint in hiring the professional services, you can ask for help from your friends. Involve your neighbors, family members, and, friends in your move who can help you lighten your load. Once you have moved to your new house, thank them by ordering some food and drinks.

6. Dress up in layers

To move in the harsh winter, dress up in layers. This will help you to regulate your body temperatures and get enough of the warmth. Shed out the clothes if you get overheated.

7. Be extra careful for the fragile items

The fragile items have a tendency to freeze and break so be extra careful while you are moving them in the sheer cold weather. Wrap them in towels, blankets, or, bubble wraps and place them carefully in your moving truck.

8. Boarding your pets

There are many reasons why boarding your pets during a move is a good idea.

First, your pets can get hurt under the moving feet of people carrying heavy boxes. Second, there’s an easy chance of your pets escaping with the doors opening and people moving to and fro. Nobody can afford to lose a pet. Lastly, it is difficult for your pets to adjust to the new home. Move them in the last so that as soon as they reach your new house, they get those familiar scents.

Hope these tips can help you ease out your scary winter move.

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I am a Moving Consultant at 1/2 Price Movers Brooklyn, NY, we help people and businesses plan a move in and around Brooklyn area.

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