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Understanding Cancer Support in its broadest perspective and impact

Author: Anupama Dixit
by Anupama Dixit
Posted: Oct 06, 2018
cancer support

When the topic is about supporting or caring for cancer victims, the most important thing that comes to the mind is awareness program along with fundraising. You can call it a two-fold process. The most experienced cancer advocates and workers would say that tweets and posts don’t drive a point conclusively and actively as funds and resources can do for cancer victims. When you prepare a Cancer Support program with a fundraising event, never set unrealistic expectations or build impracticable goals.

Since every dollar that goes into the function is worth it, you need to outline the objectives of the drive first, mentioning the outlets where the money and support will reach.

  • The best platforms to spread awareness: When you’re looking for the best outlets to share knowledge, you need to look for avenues where you can disseminate information about cancer and the life of survivors. The survival stories will motivate cancer patients to fight back. Since the idea is to spread the message, you need to look for avenues that allow you write, tell, show or speak about the facts. Facebook, Quora, Twitter or any social media posts have a limited reach. Joining or forming a proper Cancer Support group is the best way to share your knowledge and experience about the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.
  • The first few steps: Always be sure and willing to take any type of donation with grace and gratitude. Gather the email addresses of the donors and follow it up with a small note of thanks. It’s quite amazing to know how so many people turn up in a function.
  • Aligning with local groups: A simple initial step will be to join communities and support groups that engage with registered Cancer Support communities. It gives you the scope to meet like-minded people, and use their advanced and unique skills to uphold the cause. If your locality or township doesn’t have an advocacy organization, you can start one on your own. The best thing is to contact the national foundation for disease awareness. You can start the movement by organizing a campaign or event with some support from friends and family. You need to remember that advocacy wars are not a competition. Every cancer entails a painful affliction and you shouldn’t allow any factions to grow within the community. There should be uniformity in research, treatment and Cancer Support.
  • Boost the morale of patients: That’s all you need to do at the end of the day. Majority of people lose the battle in their minds. They surrender to the pressures of the disease. So many people go into depression, unable to cope with the tedious treatment and hammering impact of radiation and chemotherapy. The spiral of medicines just drains the mind. The lowering immunities, flipping energy and fading power affect the mental fame and endurance level, and some people want to opt for euthanasia as well.

The main directive of Cancer Support is to motivate these patients to grow strong. Give them their best dose of life and feed them the things they like.

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