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Best Guide for buying Gemstone Jewellery

Author: Amit Yadav
by Amit Yadav
Posted: Oct 06, 2018
table gemstone

The gemstone is generally considered as the representation of power and wealth. Now the gemstone jewelry has become a fashion-led jewelry. Every gemstone loving person has a certain idea regarding the jewelry they are going to buy. So, while buying the gemstone jewellery it is very important to understand the parts of the gemstone and the factors associated with it.

Here are some of the best guides for buying gemstone jewelry:

1. Crown of the gemstone

The crown is the upper portion of the gemstone. The upper portion of the gemstone should be attractive as this is the most viewed portion of the gemstone. A well-carved crown of the gemstone can give a very special look for the gemstone.

2. Girdle of the gemstone

The girdle is basically the border or the edge of the gemstone. It is also the edge which is formed where the bottom portion meets the top portion, which generally is like a "dividing line. The girdle reflects the design patterns and gives an amazing look for the gemstone. In gemstones, one can easily find different varieties of the girdle.

3. Table of the gemstone

The flat top of the gemstone is called the table of the gemstone. This is the largest face area of the gemstone. So, while choosing the gemstone the table of the gemstone should be very fascinating. The table of the gemstone is more responsible for making the gemstone more charming and fascinating. One should choose the gemstone with a clear flat table area which should shine properly.

4. Cut of the gemstone

The cut of the gemstone jewellery is a very remarkable factor which actually gives an attractive look for the gemstone. The cut of the gemstone determines the precision and the care of making the gemstone. A gemstone which has a nice cut shows the endurance and the brilliance of the gemstone. This adds more value to the gemstone.

5. Shape of the gemstone

Apart from several other factors of the gemstone, the shape is another factor which every individual thinks. Every individual has their personal taste and choices, they can have a gemstone of their choice in terms of shape.

There are different shapes in the gemstones like Princess Shape, Round Shape, Trilliant Shape, Radiant Shape, Oval Shape, Pear Shape, Marquise Shape, Tapered Baguette Shape, Heart Shape, Radiant Shape, Cushion Shape, Baguette Shape, Asscher Shape, and many more shapes are available in the gemstone.

These are some of the guidelines through which the gemstone buying can be done properly. It will be a very difficult task to visit multiple stores and know more regarding the gemstone.

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