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Learning Beyond the Walls of Classroom

Author: Michael Harley
by Michael Harley
Posted: Oct 08, 2018
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Scholastic learning indicates the interest that students display in subjects, the way they get along with teachers, their participation in sports and extra circular activities and also their efforts towards learning outside the campus. In education it is good to not just see the grades that the students manage to get on report cards but also check the degree of interest, attention and passion that they show towards different aspects of the world around them.

Let’s talk about some educational experiences outside the textbooks and four walls of a classroom:

Learning with Travelling?—?Vacations give an opportunity to students to step out of their cities and see new places. Although children today have a wider scope for learning about different geographies and cultural variations thanks to the Internet, travelling to new places in person widens their horizon and gives them a more realistic picture of lives in other parts of a country. They can observe the variations in soil, climate, architecture, dressing styles, food and languages to prepare themselves for a multifaceted world.

Nature as a Teacher?—?A well known quote by William Wordsworth is "Come Forth into Light of the Things, Let Nature be Your Teacher." Outdoor learning environment ordained by elements such as trees, gardens, flowers, hills, streams and beaches stimulates the variety of students’ knowledge and it contributes to their learning experiences.

Students may learn about parts of a flower, agricultural produce of an area, climatic changes and terrain differences in their text books but it is only when they are near these natural gifts that they learn to appreciate them more respectfully. Rampant urbanisation in the past twenty years and excessive exposure to computer games have adversely impacted children’s connection with nature. Parents and schools need to reverse this order and work for the healthy development of their kids by taking them back to natural sites before it is too late.

Learning by Interacting with Community?—?The best time to inculcate the right set of values in a person is during his / her formative learning years at Best International Schools in NCR. However this needs to be cemented not only through Value Education or Moral Science classes but by also giving them a real picture of world that needs more humanity, compassion and kindness. Visits to the local NGOs such as orphanages, homes for the differently abled and animal shelters can help the children to develop humility and be more sensitive to the needs of less privileged.

Most parents today have just one child who is highly pampered. And children in well-off families also see the world only through rose tinted glasses. By interacting with some other sections of the community and with animals, they can understand realities more closely and grow up to become responsible citizens.

Variegated Learning Experiences with Films and Events?—?Films are now a fundamental part of children’s lives in urban areas and some of them can also be brought to the school campus. They stimulate learning experiences making them more entertaining and agreeable. They also help students to understand the complexity of life’s struggles and the ways to deal with them through the behaviour of the protagonists. Gandhi is a good biographical film displaying several events that students only read about in history books. Depending on the age groups some other films that can be shown to students include Erin Brockovich, Wooodstock, Macbeth and The Blue Umbrella.

Children can also improve their learning by watching theatre plays, visiting book fairs, trade exhibits, art galleries and participating in festive events at and outside schools.

In this fast paced learning era teachers need to keep pace with learning habits of children and understand that their education cannot be restrained to formal classrooms. The students must expand, explore and experiment with different learning methods. Get more details please visit our website at

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