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10 Things You Must Have in Your Control4 System

Author: Neil Kin
by Neil Kin
Posted: Oct 11, 2018
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The Control4 system boasts of an excellent selection of hardware making it possible for dealers to plan a system for just about any type of home. That backed by excellent customer education resources helps buyers choose what features they want. Plus, thanks to partnerships their systems are compatible with a wide range of door sensors, motion sensors, cameras, etc.

However, before you go ahead and contact a Control4 dealer, you’ll want to be clear about the features you need. Knowing what features you want, will make the life of your dealer easier as that will allow them to make recommendations accordingly.

It Should Have Simulated Occupancy

You are probably already aware that most home automation systems allow you to access a live video feed from the cameras inside the home. However, Control4 takes things one step further with a feature called "Simulated Occupancy." This feature helps to ward off potential intruders by creating the illusion of the home being occupied even when it’s empty.

The feature works by using pre-set lighting scenes, playing audio, the TV, etc. when you’re not home. It replicates the habits of the home’s occupants when nobody is home. The simulation can either load automatically, or you can trigger it manually via an app.

Finding the Remote Now Takes a Minute

I admit that finding the TV remote is not the best use of a home automation system. But it’s a problem we’ve all had to wrestle with and one that Control4 eliminates. By pairing the intelligent lighting with the home entertainment system via the Control4 system, just taping on the light switch will get your remote to beep. Now you’ve found the remote!

Auto Temperature Control

If you are working out at home during the winter, the system can automatically turn the temperature up when you start the work out to get the blood flowing. Then as your body starts to sweat it can steadily decrease the temperature to prevent heat exhaustion. While the home gym has a varying temperature setting, other parts of the home can be kept at a constant temperature. So regardless of the weather outside, the feel inside will be just perfect.

The Control4 home automation system allows for creating a profile, for instance, an exercise profile. With that profile activated with the click of a button everything related to exercise comes to life. Once you start exercising the system can gradually lower the temperature so that your body does not overheat resulting in exhaustion.

The system can also remember your temperature settings and make sure that the bedroom is at that temperature when its time to go to sleep.

Energy Efficiency

The Control4 system can dim the lights, turn off the AC, and lower the fans when you’re not around or it can turn them off. The use of e-motion motion sensors will regulate aspects of your home like the lights which will turn on only if there is someone in the room. So, you’re not using electricity when not around. Depending on your lifestyle the energy savings can be quite significant and that too without having to feel deprived of living comfortably.

Voice Control

Controlling your lights, AC and the home entertainment system with an app, console or remote is all well and good. But how about voice control? Control4’s latest feature now allows homeowners to operate just about every function with just their voice via Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service. That’s thanks to Control4’s most recent partnership Amazon which could soon do away with the need for a remote in the first place!

Intelligent Lighting

Control4 is already compatible with various intelligent lighting systems. Many people invest in the system mainly because of its lighting features amongst others. However, what most people don’t know is that their health and their night’s sleep can be improved with the appropriate lighting which varies throughout the day.

There is a lot of research to show that soft lights promote the production of the body’s melatonin which is key to a deep sleep. Also, home automation can control the shades during the day to augment the artificial lighting which too has its own set of health benefits like combating depression and increasing the production of vitamin D.

Controlling Your Home via a Mobile App

Control4 is arguably one of the very few home automation systems which have a pretty comprehensive mobile app with a user interface that’s the same as its touchscreen controllers. This makes operating the system more comfortable as you don’t have to learn a new interface each time.

Also, in addition to using a touchscreen or tablet or mobile phone, you can use a computer to change the settings. The Composer Home Edition software will help you manage all the entertainment, control devices, and program scenes, etc. Though you may still require help from a dealer to add devices, update drivers and system software.

Motorized Shades

Motorised shades hooked up to the Control4 system can smarten up your indoor lighting not to mention save you a bundle each year on energy costs. Not only do they look great especially when the shades are automatically adjusted but they help regulate indoor lighting. They can let light in when the time is right and keep light out when it isn’t. The system will lower or raise the shades depending on how you set it up which also means that your home is kept heated during the winter and cool in the summer.

Smart Door Security

The key in the traditional sense is on the way out, and it's being replaced by smart door locks part of a central home automation system. Smart locks ensure that you never have to worry about losing your keys. The door can be unlocked remotely, and you can even receive alerts about who has entered the home. Paired with video surveillance and you have a competent, foolproof security system in place.

Dealer support

Finally, the support you receive from a Control4 dealer is essential. Excellent support from an experienced dealer makes it easier to find the right automation solutions for your home. Control4 has an excellent dealer network strengthened by training from the company. Control4 dealers like AVITHA, enjoy the direct line of communication with Control4, so if anything goes wrong with your system, they can sort it out for you easily.

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I am an IoT enthusiast currently researching different aspects of IoT security and home automation system.

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