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It’s better late than never

Author: Ardhendu Samal
by Ardhendu Samal
Posted: Oct 15, 2018
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"It’s better late than never ", a famous saying from quite experienced people! Ever wondered what it actually means to us?

It means it is better for someone to arrive or do something late than not to arrive nor do it at all, and why I am talking about this? So, let me tell you, now a days, I see most of the people are least bothered about their lives; such as the engineers, doctors and every other professional. Of course, it is agreed that ever increasing competition has forced these professionals to cope up the burgeoning work pressure for the sake of that extra dollar in their pocket. Moreover, the fame attached to one's own success has made lives of these professionals similar to that one of the raging bull who would be ready to enter into any territory to mark its supremacy. And at the cost of what?? The murder of their beautiful life!

The world is full of ups and downs the people themselves are responsible for everything whatever that happens in their lives. In current scenario, the working professionals risk their life to hit their pedal of success and do not hesitate in doing it repeatedly. Taking everything into account, the tension, the burden of an engineer is increasing day by day. While working one has to be punctual, practical and sincere which is not everybody's cup of tea. Being professionals while riding and driving they do not bother even for their lives. Patience is something one should admire in the driver as one of the proverb says "Don't drive faster than your guardian angel can fly". Driving fast is often dangerous act but because of this bustle in life accidents have increased phenomenally in major cities today. Yes, punctuality is good for a professional as it shows one’s sincerity towards work but if its at the cost of their lives then, it shows that people are not fully sincere; there is no sincerity towards their families. Its all damn career only no regards for life, parents and the ones who were there when there was no career. There should be a balance in life as well.

Often being an obedient student of the traffic rules plays a vital role in our life! The famous signage of "DRIVE SLOW", is one of the most important rule of life if you feel that being a successful person in life is equally important to be present in lively form to cherish all the goodness which our life has been gifted so far.

One should learn to afford to lose a lucrative job offer by reaching a few minutes late than to speed and lose life forever. A chance which is missed once can be achieved later but a precious life once lost is gone forever. It might sound ridiculous to the extremely successful professionals but it is for them most of the traffic rules are violated and many accidental deaths occurred unnoticed to many. As a YouTuber, I have come across many such videos where a crashing speeding car is a luxury ones that either rams against the divider of the road or hit and run on pedestrians. This is not a judgmental statement but a common perception of most people on the road that an ever busy richie-rich hits the poor and runs away.

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