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A Brief Account On Toy Schnauzers And Teacup Schnauzers

Author: Aaden Bell
by Aaden Bell
Posted: Dec 05, 2014
teacup schnauzers

Before we discuss about Toy Schnauzers and Teacup Schnauzers, let us at first see what Schnauzers really are! They are a particular breed of dog that are hundreds of years old and have been extremely popular all these centuries right since the 15th Century, when their existence was traced in Germany. The name ‘Schnauzer’ has been derived from the German word, ‘schnauze’, which means snout, a term, which goes perfectly for this breed as these dogs contain distinctive snouts with very long hair. There are 5 different varieties of Schnauzers – Standard, Miniature, Giant, toy and teacup schnauzer. Of all these, we will discuss about the last 2 varieties in this article.

These two varieties of Schnauzers are almost similar to each other though there are some slight differences and these two breeds are differentiated by the virtue of these little differences that they have between them. While the toy variety generally varies in length within the range of 7.5 to 10 pounds, a full grown variety of Teacup Schnauzers will weigh to the tune of 7 lbs.

The Toy Schnauzers are generally not that fragile like the toy poodles or the Chihuahaua as these dogs come up with a much sturdier and stockier getup. However, if you have children in your house, they need to be looked after when around the dog, when it is a puppy to see it does not get hurt.

These two varieties do not each much. They eat less food and hence does not make too much of a mess. There is no such need of combing, brushing and grooming their hair too much.

Both the two types are very much portable and can easily be carried in aircraft in a specially designed bag. They are not at all heavy and hence even the elderly, frail people can easily lift them up.

The puppies generally have three meals per day till its 3 to 4 months of age. However, the puppies are prone to hypoglycemia and hence the meals need to be supervised, especially when they are eating.

Both these varieties are smart, lovable, love doing various tricks, obedient and agile and all these qualities make toy schnauzers and teacup puppies so much loved, adored and accepted Schnauzers today.

Both the two varieties have more or less identical lifespan of more or less 12 to 15 years, and with age their agility increase.

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