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PRP Facial treatments for bettering the aging face

Author: Greg Oliver
by Greg Oliver
Posted: Oct 18, 2018

Speaking of facial ageing, they inevitably look at the neck and jaw area of the face. While the lower facial area is of big concern to many and is reason behind PRP Facial treatments, the neglected area is the middle portion of the cheek.

As a person ages, the cheek area squeezes in and sags for most as it loses volume through unwanted fat atrophy. That is the main reason a person with a fuller face may still look slightly younger as they get older. (Known as the Santa Claus impact) A gaunter, slimmer face, while interesting when a person is young, can reflect age when you are older.

Adding volume to the cheek has been shown to help in making a younger looking face. When this extra fat department was increased through implants or fillers, there is an instantaneous improvement in the hollowing of the face. Not only does restoring volume to the cheek area make the cheek area more youthful, it also helps in bettering the look under the eyes and also the nose and the upper lip area.

Just like PRP for orthopaedic, fat injections would be the easiest and the most versatile, but fat maintenance remains unpredictable specifically in the older patient. PRP treatments can help in adding fat to the cheek. Initial results are inspiring but only noticeable results will be visible after a year. Cheek implants are easy to do; the volume remains stable as time passes, and come in a few styles to include volume for different areas round the cheek. Unfortunately, the more lateral the cheek area, which is not over bone, is not afflicted by the launch of an implant. And there's always the risk of infection.

Injectable fillers are quite versatile as fat injections. But these effects are non permanent and, when adding up the cost per volume injected, if a huge cheek area must be treated.

Not every ageing face patient requires cheek development nor is it the mainstay treatment of all aging faces. Nonetheless it can be considered a good treatment for more traditional facelifting procedures and a missing aspect of some patient's treatment programs regardless they are young or old. In case hormonal issues are the root behind this problem, you may also go for hormone therapy treatment.

PRP is a natural substance that comes from the patient's own blood vessels, so it is possible for a foreign body element to react with other materials such as fillers (this is currently exceptional). Also, the approach is very simple than regarding fillers, because the PRP is injected by micro punctures carrying out a grid pattern so the opportunity of occlusion of any blood vessel will not exist. Likewise, the possibility of damaging nerve fibre content is next to impossible. In a nutshell, though the possibilities of intricacies in the utilization of fillings and PRP are almost nil.

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