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How Does the Teen Wilderness Therapy Program work?

Author: Redcliff Ascent
by Redcliff Ascent
Posted: Oct 18, 2018

Wilderness therapy is a trip to the wilderness where the group gets involved in outdoor activities, away from the city landscape. The trip can be of either a week or as long as three weeks. The troubled teenagers go through the wilderness program so that they can enjoy their lives like everyone else. The activities provided by the wilderness therapy programs focus on teaching socializing skills to the teenagers and other valuable lessons that the teens can implement in their daily lives when they go back to their homes.

Even though the teen wilderness therapy is designed to cure the teenagers, it can be an amazing adventure in itself. We all know how significant the teenage period is in everyone's life. In this period, an individual learns about different aspects of life, develops a unique identity, and matures to an adult who can take responsibility for himself/herself. Normally, a majority of teenagers perform well at this age and form a healthy lifestyle. Yet, some teenagers might not be able to create a proper personality due to certain situations they go through in their personal lives. These situations may arise due to peer pressure in the school, family problems, bullying, getting insulted in public, and other such situations.

Hence, the wilderness therapy is an ideal solution for troubled teens as it focuses entirely on the identity development of the children. The ability of an individual to deliver results in various situations is known as efficacy. Efficacy helps the teenagers to associate with the teachers, classmates, siblings, parents, and other acquaintances.

Through a structured program, the wilderness therapy helps in developing efficacy. The professionals provided by the wilderness program create such an environment in the camp that the teenagers can freely share their problems with the other peers. Listening to each other's problems establishes a healthy relationship among the teens.

The wilderness therapy tour provides an ample amount of time where the teenagers can assess, evaluate, and reflect on their actions in life. Thus, the teenagers can themselves find out what was going wrong in their life, and get mentally prepared for facing the problems.

The absence of pressure which the usually face in their daily lives further helps in their growth. Without the modern world facilities such as mobile phones, laptop, computers, and other smart gadgets, the teenagers are motivated to explore their inner-self amidst the soothing nature.

Moreover, they get to participate in entertaining activities such as tent hitching, making a fire with primitive techniques, and traversing the wild together. These engaging activities are enjoyable ways through which the teens can learn teamwork, leadership, and determination, all of which are crucial for handling pressure in daily life. Thus, a teen wilderness therapy program assists the children in facing the difficulties in their personal lives.

Author’s Bio: The author has explained the working of the teen wilderness therapy programs. Designed to cure psychological problems of troubled teens, the teen wilderness therapy focuses on developing the identity of the children through organizing engaging outdoor activities.

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