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How to Speak English Fluently:Few Keys To Improve Spoken English

Author: Eng Varta
by Eng Varta
Posted: Oct 18, 2018

Do you want to improve your English speaking skills?

Then a simple answer to your question goes like ‘the most effective way to improve English fluency is to listen and speak English’. If you learn a language by listening and speaking, certainly as a child do, you can learn the language naturally. Just consider the typical case that how fluency is gained by native speakers of English in foreign countries and how they learn English communication.

A straightforward write back is that they grow up in an environment dominated by English i.e. everything they do, they carry it out in English. English is used by them as a highly practical tool to form relationships with others, study, work, and gain or exchange information for a variety of purposes.

Now, this simply concludes that the more you speak and make use of English, the more confidence you will gain, which makes speaking fluent English a very achievable reality for you. All you need is to introduce some changes to your current lifestyle and make your goal achievable, here are few keys which will surely work for you.

Feel free to make mistakes:

In your childhood, you learned many things (even your mother-tongue) through trial and error method – making mistakes and correcting yourself. Sometimes people around you corrected you and sometimes you learned from your own mistakes but your learning process always consists of trying.

Now, you need to bring into service the same method to learn English speaking. Don’t fear to make mistakes, it is natural and useful because mistakes teach you the right way. We are bound to make mistakes in the initial stages of learning. Just get over your hesitation and speak openly because if you don’t take a risk and let yourself make mistakes, you can’t grow and improve.

Make time for your English each day:

Putting in efforts at present for learning English is just like an investment for the future. The more and more time you give to your English practice, the better English you’ll have in your future. Just keep your primary motivation for learning English in your mind, and it will surely help you to remain focused.

Moreover, you need to ensure that you carry out your English practice each day, whether you learn English speaking online using any practice English app or offline making use of grammar books and other exercises, what amount of time you invest depends on you but no gaps. Many small steps will help you travel a long distance over time.

Make less use of your native language:

Although you might be comfortable with your native language but remember you have to improve English speaking and to achieve that you need to spend a lot of time with English. Just speak out where you get any chance to. Don’t hesitate.

Make use of discourse markers:

If you face troubles in the starting then you can make use of discourse markers to handle that. Okay, all right, right then, well, hmm’, you know, like, etc., are all examples of discourse markers used in conversation. With the aid of this, you can make time for yourself to think about what you wanted to say. But it is not suggested to make this in practice because your main aim is to gain fluency and it can be only achieved by speaking English.

Find some English speaking partner:

Getting yourself surrounded by English speakers can be the best way to learn English speaking in an effective way. You can converse with those English speakers and practice English with experts anytime you feel like practicing your spoken English. Those English speakers can play a vital role in helping and supporting your new manner of living.

By any chance, if you go through troubles in finding English partners to practice English with then you can get the English practice app, where you can practice your English with Experts.

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