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Are you aware of these aspects of health insurance policies?

Author: Reena More
by Reena More
Posted: Oct 20, 2018

It is a very common perception about health insurance that it only provides them financial aid in the case of any medical emergency and pays off their hospital bills. However, the reality is far-flung. There are various new-age aspects of a health insurance policy that are not known to many. Due to the lack of proper information about these aspects, the policyholders are not able to avail the benefits associated with them properly. Below are some hidden and modern-age health insurance aspects that are not known to many. Educate yourself beforehand and ensure that you make the most out of your health insurance.

You can renew it anytime- The latest update as per the IRDAI regulation in the health insurance policy suggests that a policyholder can easily get lifetime renewals. In addition, the insured can also renew even if there is a claim which was made in the previous year. This is one major advantage that health insurance services offer these days. Earlier the renewal benefit used to collapse if the renewal request hasn’t been raised on time. But, the latest amendment in the health insurance policy allows an insured to renew it within the grace period.

You get medical coverage for the alternative treatment - Seeing the supreme usability and significance of the alternative treatments in the present era, many health insurance providers have started giving medical coverage for the alternative treatments and therapy likes Ayurveda and homeopathy. However, the claim will be considered only if the alternative treatment has been taken under any government approved health institute or the hospitals which are under the medical panel of your health insurance provider. Alternative treatment taken on other service centers will not be taken into account. Earlier, this was not the case with the health insurance as they were only providing the medical aid for the hospitalization and surgical treatment only. The same information is still circulating amongst the policyholder group which deprives them to avail one major benefit of their health insurance policy.

Do you know that your health insurance also supports in your recovery? It is a customary belief that health insurance is all about getting financial aid in case of any medical emergency. When we hear about it, we limit the aid provided by the health insurance up to the hospital bills, doctors’ fees, and hospital room rent. However, it does take care of you afterward. Yes. It stands by you even when you are recovering. Recuperating or recovery benefit is one major aspect of any health insurance that is not known. This aspect of the policy allows an insured to get a helping hand to cover the expenses involved in medicines, supplements and ensure tension-free healing.

The upgraded hospitalization time duration- In normal cases, to claim a financial aid, one has to show a minimum of 24 hours of hospitalization. However, the technological advancement has made some lengthy medical producers short, quick, and free from the long healing process. It is not necessary to get hospitalized for 24 hours nowadays for a medical procedure. You can go home on your feet after few hours of a minor surgery or treatment. In general, these sorts of treatments are considered as day-care treatments. Keeping this in mind, your health insurance policy also covers day-care expenses as long as it involves any medical procedure in it.

The all-around assistance- A health insurance policy not only offers you the assistance when you are hospitalized or have attended OPD, it also covers the expenses when the insured in under medical supervision at home. Domiciliary treatment is required in certain cases and a health insurance policy helps you in this also.

It will bear the expenses of your attendants as well- While it is a basic understanding that health insurance covers the expenses of the insured person only, it actually bears the expenses for the attendant as well if the insured is a minor. Depending on the capping limit, various health insurance services offer different limit of attended allowance.

You will have free health check-up- If you haven’t had made any claim during 1-5 years, then your health insurance provider gives you free-check-up facility as a bonus. Insured can easily go for certain types of health check-up at the hospitals and health centers which are under panel of your health insurance providers. This aspect of health insurance has another hidden benefit. In India, people pay the least attention to their health and never think of going for regular and customary health check-ups. However, when they have a health insurance, they have to go for it by all means. This is again highly beneficial as any disease can be ruled out at an early stage and can be cured immediately before it takes the shape of life threading disease.

It helps you to upkeep healthy body- Obesity and excess weight is a very common issue these days. A good number of people are suffering from this health issue these days. To get rid of this, Bariatric surgeries are good options. Earlier, it was considered as a part of the cosmetic surgery which can be not covered by health insurance. However, as time established the fact that excess weight possesses serious health issues as well, Bariatric surgeries are no longer considered as a cosmetic procedure and get covered by your health insurance as well when done for any health concern.

Final words- Though all these aspects of a health insurance are pretty lucrative and ensure that the insured get maximum and all-inclusive assistance to deal with any medical emergency, one should understand its needs and expanse capacity beforehand. In absence of this, odds are high that the insured might not be able to avail the maximum benefit of its health insurance policy. It is highly advised that one should not wait to fall sick or come across with any medical emergency to buy the health insurance. One should get it to by the age of 45 as people these days are highly prone to various health ailments and disease. Getting it in prior is one of the most intelligent moves which ensure you of the immediate and accurate medical assistance while you are in dire need of one.

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