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Five Marketing Job Interview Questions You Should Ask All Candidates

Author: Tim Donnelly
by Tim Donnelly
Posted: Oct 21, 2018

During marketing interviews, your goal is to find someone amazing who has a lot of marketing potential. However, you should also ask questions to know how the potential candidate thinks and how they have gotten things done in the real world.

Here are the most asked marketing job interview questions that should be part of your screening process.

1. What Is the Best Thing You Like About Marketing?

Passion is the key to success. If the candidate is not passionate about marketing, his/her goals might be too limited or small. Successful marketers channel their passion through their brand through different marketing channels.

You cannot achieve success in marketing only on skills; you need passion to support it and enhance it. You need to listen carefully and check how much the candidate is passionate about marketing. It will help you determine how much value the candidate can bring to your organization.

2. Do You Feel It Is Important to Communicate with The Sales Team?

Communication is an important aspect of marketing. Sales and marketing teams need to work together to achieve business goals. It is necessary the candidate understands the importance of communicating with the sales team. This will help the candidate understand how well the marketing campaign is working for sales.

3. How Will You Market a Company’s Product If the Budget Is Reduced Significantly?

This is an important marketing job interview questions that will help you know about the core marketing skills the candidate possess. Not all companies can afford huge marketing budgets; the candidate should be able to bring innovative ideas and strategies on board to increase the efficiency of the marketing campaigns.

Some of the great marketing ideas for the small budget are - publish great content, DIY infographic, create instructional videos, give life to old data, develop a customer referral program, and online contests.

4. What Type of Management Style Do You Prefer?

Self-concept is a strong attribute in marketing management people where they care less about their actions that affect other people’s self-esteem. Marketing leadership needs to have a mix of creative and analytical skills. The candidate you are interviewing should show respect and encouragement to the creativity of other members while staying diplomatic in certain situations.

You need to look for a candidate who encourages employees to participate in decisions that drive the department’s activities which is a kind of recognition of their value to the organization.

5. Give an Example of Successful Marketing Campaign That You Have Run?

Experience is an important factor in any marketing job profile. The candidate should be able to discuss at least one marketing campaign that was planned and executed successfully. When the candidate is telling about his/her experience, you need to pay attention to the innovativeness and techniques used by the candidate to achieve success.

These are some of the most asked marketing job interview questions asked by the interviewers in various industries.

Do you have any questions you like to ask candidates? Please feel free to comment.

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Author: Tim Donnelly

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