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October is National Cookie Month

Author: Chris Ingallina
by Chris Ingallina
Posted: Oct 21, 2018

October is National Cookie Month. The earliest record of the cookie comes from Persia (modern Iran) in the 7th century. Cookies, or "little cake" were first used to test the temperature of the early ovens. They have since become a dessert staple around the world!

October is the perfect time to send cookies to all our family, friends and work associates. All too often we forget to thank those around us whom we rely on the most. Sending a "Thank You" reminds people how much we appreciate everything they do.

Our Friends are often the first people we go to when sharing the important events in our lives. Showing a bit of gratitude is always a welcomed gesture. On the flip side, for a friend going through difficult times, a box of cookies from a dear friend is gesture of kindness not soon to be forgotten.

Family members should also be acknowledged for their support. Family can always be counted on to fill in when and where needed. They can also be the first to feel unappreciated, so making an effort to show them otherwise is an important part of the relationship. Sending a basket full of cookies is a great reminder that we are thankful for the time they take out of their busy lives to assist us in ours.

Business associates are another group who help us out and make our lives run a little smoother. To be successful in the workplace, one must depend on others, both inside the company and out. Co-workers assist us with our workand cover for us when needed. But many of us also rely on contacts outside of the company as well. Vendors ensure that we have what we need to produce and outstanding product and make our customers happy. An assortment of cookies lets us recognize the job they do and creates relationships that are imperative to the workplace. Send a box to your favorite vendors or bring some to your next corporate meeting!

October is the perfect month to share your favorite cookie with those who help you along the way. If you don’t have time to send home-baked cookies, choose the next best thing. Many local caterers – such as Ingallina’s Box Lunch, with free delivery throughout the Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles and Phoenix metro areas – send gourmet cookies boxes, party platters or baskets throughout the U.S. Simply send them a spreadsheet of those in need of some recognition and let them do the rest!

There are many people in our lives who deserve to be recognized and appreciated: Friends and family, co-workers and business associates. These are just a few of the people we rely on each day to make our day to day lives run smoothly. Doctors, Dentists, Teachers and Mechanics - just to name a few – all work hard every day to keep us happy,healthy, and fulfilled. This month, don’t forget to send a little appreciation their way!
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Author: Chris Ingallina

Chris Ingallina

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