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How to Hire a Front-End Web Developer

Author: Tim Donnelly
by Tim Donnelly
Posted: Oct 21, 2018

Recruiting a qualified front-end web developer is one of the pivotal decisions you will make for your business. A front-end web developer is a person who takes your web design concept and transforms it into an interactive, fully functional website. You cannot afford to neglect or minimize this aspect if you mean to remain relevant in your field.

For this reason, selecting the right candidate to develop your website is not an easy matter. It is not only about having the requisite technical skills but also about having an outlook that matches yours and an adaptable enough attitude to fit in with your company culture. You also want someone with the long-term vision and capability for producing innovative work with rapidly transforming technologies. Asking them relevant front-end web developer interview questions is one way of ascertaining this.

What can you tell us about current industry trends, design trends, and consumer trends?

A great front-end web developer will understand how current trends influence and affect business and public outlook. This is necessary knowledge if you are going to build a successful e-commerce website. The front-end web developer must know what people want and expect and be a step ahead in pushing the envelope.

Here is a website we like. Can you diagnose any problems with it and, if any, can you walk us through it and detail what you would change?

This isn’t a question that anyone can reasonably answer within minutes, so you may want to pose it to the front-end web developer before the interview and allow them some time to study the website. There is no perfect answer, but you don’t want a generic response either. The purpose is to discover how the front-end web developer makes assessments and on what basis, and if their decisions are careful, observant, and well-thought-out.

Can you point us to some personal projects and explain why you picked the ones you did?

While professional projects highlight a front-end web developer’s skill-sets, their personal projects may offer a better inkling of their thinking style and performance ability. Personal projects indicate their capacity for self-management and taking initiatives. You can rely on them to accomplish the work without constant supervision.

Can you elaborate about your work process?

Website development is a complex enterprise, and a capable front-end web developer will implement a work process to plan, organize, and simplify tasks, particularly the most used and repetitive ones, thereby improving both efficiency and productivity.

What types of testing and debugging do you carry out?

Routine testing and debugging ensure that websites are user-friendly and work across a range of devices. It also indicates that a front-end web developer is thorough and detail-oriented.

What steps do you take to improve your programming skills?

All front-end web developers must periodically assess and update their programming skills. Learning new technologies and working on new personal projects will help, as also will reviewing current front-end web developer interview questions to understand industry demands. In this profession, complacency can be a career-killer.VitaminTalent is a staffing and recruiting firm helping companies finding the right creative talents such as web developers, UX/UI designers, graphic designers, print & production designers, presentation designers, front end developers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Chicago. For more information, visit

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Author: Tim Donnelly

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