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Top mutual funds

Author: Amit Kumar
by Amit Kumar
Posted: Oct 21, 2018

WealthApp is a user-friendly platform that provides you with investment advisory services to select and invest in stop mutual funds in India. While foraying into this world may seem daunting but at WealthApp, we tailor our financial advisory services according to your specific need and help you to make the right decisions about money – which sets you on path to achieve your financial aspirations. Should you require, our financial consultant also guides you on best performing mutual funds and their benefits.

We also realize that every individual is different, and they have various doubts and concerns. This is why we’ve gone through a great effort to create personalized mutual fund portfolio plans across not just equity funds and debt funds, but also one-time and SIP (systematic investment plan) investment modes, tailored to your specific needs. Further, if you are thinking to invest in top mutual funds, contact WealthApp, your own robo advisor.

WealthApp realizes the constraints of the working professional and helps them in transforming their financial situation with our dedicated financial advisory services. These services are designed keeping in mind your financial needs, so that you spend only the absolute necessary amount of time on the portal and continue on with your schedules. With our different and customized financial advisory services, we provide a practical method of filling the gaps between the needs and current capabilities of the client.

Leading Robo advisors bangaloreCustomized Portfolio PlanWe understand that every individual is unique and has different requirements. Which is why, we have an extensive number of curated mutual fund portfolios that are derived from in-depth research and aligned to your individual needs.

Get higher returns from best performing mutual fundsMan & GorithmAn algorithm is able to assign you a category but we also supplement it with human intuition. WealthApp, your friendly robo advisor, introduces a healthy mix of fully automated algorithm systems along with an experienced team to ensure a well-rounded approach to your financial planning needs.

Top Mutual FundsAn Intuitive ToolWe believe that a singular focus on your investment portfolio is not sufficient to create long term wealth. One also needs to minimize expenses like taxes, loan rates etc. along the way. WealthApp is actively in the process of creating tools & financial apps to address these matters. This makes WealthApp one of the only holistic personal financial advisory platforms in India.

Robo advisors BangaloreSecurity & TransparencyWe pride ourselves on the fact that our information security is top notch and our operations, fully transparent. You can rest assured that your financial security is our top priority.

What is Mutual Fund?To put it simply, mutual fund is a sum of pooled money collected from a number of investors for the purpose of investment. This sum of money is invested in stocks, bonds, money market instruments and other securities. Thus, making it a pooled investment vehicle which is actively managed by a group of professionals. At WealthApp we track your investments and optimize it such that it helps you achieve your financial goals.

People invest in mutual funds with a common financial goal and their money is invested in different assets categories to achieve their objectives. For example, a group of people whose primary objective is to save tax would come together and invest in different tax saving instruments that will help them achieve this particular objective.

Mutual fund is also considered as a vehicle to mobilize money from investors, to invest in different markets and securities. A fund manager handles the investment made in particular funds. They have good understanding of how much to invest, the right time to invest and the profits earned from investing in that particular fund. A financial advisor from WealthApp empowers you to achieve your financial objectives. This way our financial advisor will get a good perspective and idea on how, when and where would be the best investment opportunities for you and tailor them to realize the agreed upon goals. As an investor you are also free to choose among the best performing mutual funds to meet your personal financial needs.

Investing in mutual funds through WealthApp, can help you get access and reap benefits of markets that may otherwise be unavailable to you as an individual investor. You can also solely avail of the financial advisory services offered by us for any professional guidance that you may be looking for with regard to your finances.

A Broader Understanding of Mutual FundsIt is a good idea to understand the larger perspective of mutual funds before taking the plunge. This will offer the clarity you might have been looking for before entering the world of mutual funds.

Mutual funds perform different roles for the different constituents that participate in it. The primary role of top mutual funds is to assist investors in earning an income or building their wealth, by participating in the opportunities available in various securities and markets. With mutual funds, it is possible to structure different schemes for different kinds of investment objectives. Thus, the mutual fund structure, through its various schemes, makes it possible to tap a large corpus of money from investors with diverse goals/objectives. Therefore, with a variety of schemes, mutual funds cater to the needs of diverse investors. Also, bear in mind that, the words ‘fund’ and ‘scheme’ are used interchangeably. Various categories of schemes are called "funds". However, wherever a difference is required to be drawn, the scheme offering entity is referred to as "mutual fund" or "the fund".

Mutual funds can also act as a market stabilizer, in countering large inflows or outflows from foreign investors. Mutual funds are therefore viewed as a key participant in the capital market of any economy.

Another key beneficiary of mutual funds is the economy and the government itself. The money that is raised from investors, ultimately, directly or indirectly benefits the government, companies and other entities. Through mutual funds, money is raised for investing in various projects or paying for various expenses. The projects which are facilitated through such financing, offer employment to people; the income they earn helps them buy goods and services offered by other companies, thus supporting projects of these goods and services companies. Thereby, promoting an overall economic development. As a large investor, mutual funds can keep a check on the operations of the investee company, and their corporate governance and ethical standards.

Mutual fund industry itself, offers livelihood to a large number of individuals - employees of mutual funds, distributors, registrars and various other service providers. Higher employment rate, income and output in the economy boosts the revenue collection of the government through taxes and other means. When this revenue is spent prudently, it promotes further economic development and nation building.

Why Mutual Funds?Mutual Funds are an exciting opportunity to generate capital gains and/or have a regular source of income for the investors. A typical fund holds a number of securities selected by an expert from WealthApp which in turn offers the benefit of diversification at a fractional cost. Mutual Funds are the best investment option where each investor has a proportionate share in the gains/losses of the fund. You can set up an online mutual funds investment account with us to invest in best performing mutual funds within minutes. You can start investing as low as Rs.500/- per month. There are different types of mutual funds, you can choose the one which fits best with your financial goals and time frame.

How to invest in a mutual fund?The first step to start investing in mutual funds would be to fully set up your account by providing all required details and documents to do so. We will then process your KYC, which is a mandate by the regulator to set up your investment account. After that you can take a look at our top mutual funds list to select your best suited investment. You can also take a look at articles on basics of Mutual funds in our learn section.

Mutual Fund Investments are governed by SEBI. All mutual funds in India are required to abide by the strict regulations that have been laid out by SEBI to protect the interests of the investors. You can be sure that we comply with SEBI 100%.

Mutual Funds Sahi Hai, Get Started Now!!!

How Do You Find Out the Price of Top Mutual Funds?It is not very complicated to find out the price of the mutual fund you are investing in. WealthApp is a transparent medium; we offer our investor full disclosure with respect to the value and price of the funds and the securities they choose to invest in with us. The simplest way to learn the price of a mutual fund is to understand its net asset value (NAV). The performance of mutual funds are represented by their NAVs. Mutual funds, as we know is investing a pool of money in various securities. NAV is the combined market value of all the securities that are a part of a mutual fund. Since the values of these securities fluctuate on a daily basis, the NAV values also fluctuate. Thus, mutual funds are bought or sold at their NAVs. While we know the NAV of the mutual fund it is not possible to know what it will be worth when you actually buy and your order is executed.

Does investing in Best Performing Mutual Funds mean investing in equities?Investing in mutual funds means investing in different asset classes like stocks/equities, bonds, debentures, commercial paper and government securities. When an investor is looking to invest in one of the best performing mutual funds in the equity category, he/she will be investing a large amount of their corpus in equities. However, this may not be the case when the objective is to grow your income steadily. An investor who has this objective will not be investing in equities but in bonds, corporate debentures and Government securities for a regular and steady income.

WealthApp, one of the best robo advisors in India understands its customers’ needs and objectives and invests their money accordingly. If the investor is looking for a balanced fund then they pick the best performing mutual funds in that category – where the investment is balanced out between equities and fixed income securities.

What are the financial advisory services offered by WealthApp?We are a user-friendly financial investment platform. We offer our expertise to help you to enjoy the expertise of mutual funds. At WealthApp we offer portfolio plans, customized to our investors to fit their specific financial requirements.

We primarily offer these financial advisory services –

Mutual Fund Investments with personalized portfoliosSprint; an automated savings assistantFinancial Cleanse; it is a complete solution to rid your financial system of the stress of debt, investment and saving.

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