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Before Installing Water Feature for Pond and Waterfall

Author: Cathi Thinsley
by Cathi Thinsley
Posted: Oct 23, 2018

If you are planning to build pond and waterfall in your property, you will want to educate yourself with valuable information that is useful for your future project.

Of course, first things first, you will want to set your budget. You will need to be clear with what you want and what you are capable of. How much are you willing to spend for your koi pond and waterfall project? You can spend as high as $2,000 and will need additionals for amenities and the other fixtures surrounding the ponds. So, it is not only about the pond and waterfall, but also the surrounding such as your deck, pathways, lawn lighting, and so on.

To help you with the budget estimation, you will want to know the size of your water feature. If you are building it independently, then the scale might not be the issue because you don’t need to spend money on contractors. But if you don’t have time or expertise to do this alone, you might want to hire professionals to do the job. The next matter to concern is about the space that you have. Well, after all, you can’t build a big pond if you don’t have enough space in your property. How much meters the area that you can prepare for your pond and waterfall?

The depth and size of your ponds will also lead you to choose the specific type of pomp. For instance, if you have smaller ponds, which are usually 1 to 3 feet deep, sump pump would be a great choice. However, a sump pump is not an energy efficient solution. The bigger ponds with depth above 3 feet will require above-ground or exterior pump. Although the installation is higher in cost, you can rest assured that it is an energy-saving solution for you.

So, we’ve talked about the size of the pond. Now, let’s talk about waterfalls size. Waterfalls can be a bit tricky because these require the right pump so that you can attain high performance of the waterfalls. But there is a catch. The bigger the pump you install, you need to deal with the more expensive cost of electricity. The height of the waterfalls is the determinant factor in choosing the pump. So, if you want to cut some for saving, consider selecting the moderate height of the waterfall. You will have peace of mind when knowing that the operating cost won’t be rocketing.

As mentioned, the water feature is not only about the installation of pond and waterfall. You will want to add more entertaining fixtures surrounding the water feature. Perhaps you want to have a deck, fire pit, table, chairs, or even spa nearby the facility. Kids would also love to have an outdoor leisure time. Not to mention that you may want to have koi fish or other exotic animals in the pond.

There might be dozens of more questions to answer in your water feature project. Look at the Danner Manufacturing site for your extensive research and one-stop shopping site.

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