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How To Learn Quran Properly To Avoid Making Mistakes

Author: Alax Baker
by Alax Baker
Posted: Oct 25, 2018

Some people when they read the Quran, they make many mistakes. In spite of trying their best, they are unable to avoid the mistakes. It is due to the unfamiliarity with the Arabic language. As it is not the native language of many of us so we find it difficult to read the Quran properly. Learning to read the Quran properly is very important. So it is necessary that we learn the basic rules of recitation.

We should recite the Quran with Tajweed. Moreover, it is necessary to read it slowly and not as a race. Sometimes we set a target of completing the Quran fast so we then make some mistakes. Reading the Quran in full is really rewarding but we should concentrate on reading with accuracy. Reading fast and making mistakes is a sin.

Allah is all forgiving and we hope that He will forgive our unintentional mistakes in recitation. But we must be careful not to make any mistake intentionally. Here we will explain the kinds of mistakes that we may make while reading the Quran.

Clear Mistakes

When we read the words of the Quran with incorrect pronunciation, it will change their meaning. These are clear mistakes. We should, therefore, know how to learn Quran so that we can avoid making mistakes. To avoid the clear mistakes, we must know the rules of Tajweed. Making clear mistakes is a sin because these are the obvious mistakes. These mistakes are undesirable and considered as Haram. So we all should learn to read Quran properly with rules. A person makes such mistakes when he does not follow the rules of recitation. Allah dislikes making mistakes while reading the Quran.

Hidden Mistakes

Some mistakes that do not change the meanings of the verses of the Quran are the hidden mistakes. Such mistakes are minor but it is still advisable to avoid such mistakes. In these days, facilities for Quran learning through Online platforms help in learning the Quran properly with Tajweed. These mistakes are related to the pronunciation of the letters. For example, if a reader commits mistakes in the elongation of letters or does not observe the attributes of each letter properly, he is making unobvious or hidden mistakes. Sometimes it is necessary to merge some letters and if the reader does not merge the letters, the pronunciation becomes wrong.

Importance of the study of Tajweed

Learning Tajweed is important because it prevents the reader from making the mistakes in the recitation of the Quran. Learning the Quran online has become a trend these days. You can also learn Tajweed from an Online Quran Academy and avoid the mistakes in your recitation.

You can choose Shia online Quran classes for learning Tajweed. Learning the Quran from a Shia academy is necessary for Momineen. This is because Shia Quran academies have Shia Quran teachers who teach the Quran according to their own beliefs.

Hence, we have understood how Tajweed can help in reading the Quran without mistakes. Like this article? Give out your reviews in comment section.

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