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5 Reasons To Rent A Commercial Truck For Your Business

Author: Sarah James
by Sarah James
Posted: Oct 26, 2018

Renting a truck for business purposes is becoming very popular as you can find the right truck to suit your needs at a much lower cost and less hassle than buying one. If you take advantage of this financially viable solution to getting a truck or even a fleet of trucks to get the job done, you can more quickly get your business up and running and start to become profitable.

This can be a package that has real benefits for both the employer and employee. When renting a commercial truck (over one ton) for work purposes, there is no need to keep a log book for incidental personal usage as is the case for leased cars.

On long term rental contracts from Truck rental companies on The Gold Coast will often allow you to negotiate a cost efficient lease that allows you to keep costs down and keep it at a fixed monthly cost within the proposed rental period so you know just where you stand. This is important when negotiating contracts with your customers.

You can often find a special needs truck or have a truck customized, these types of vehicles that are just not available normally and you will have the opportunity to update the rental agreement as your company grows and your needs change.

Here are five good reasons to rent a commercial truck or your business:

  1. 1. You do not need to have the cash up front or take out a loan from the bank or finance company, you don’t even need a deposit, Your long term rental agreement is for a fixed amount each month, an amount that you can negotiate with the rental company and have the provisions you need included. Usually, these agreements are for a fixed maximum amount of mileage4 per month or year, so you need to have a good idea of the amount of mileage you will be doing each year. You can go over, but then you will be expected to pay extra mileage.
  2. 2. Because renting a commercial truck is considered a business expense it is not looked on as an asset of the business. On the business’s balance sheet the rental truck becomes a secured liability and does not have an impact on your employees as it is a pure tool of trade vehicle.
  3. 3. There are no set up costs an no documentation fees and it eliminates the residual risk on the costs associated with the vehicle disposal at the end of the lease period.
  4. 4. All the maintenance costs are included in the leasing with the vehicle being serviced and maintained by the truck rental company on the Gold Coast.
  5. 5. The usual Inclusions in the Truck rental package are:
    • 24 hour emergency service
    • Normal Commercial truck roadside assistance where applicable
    • Relief vehicle facilities in case of breakdown, accident or during routine maintenance
    • Lease extensions and renegotiation clauses
    • No CTP insurance and vehicle registration renewal

Renting a commercial truck for your business has many advantages such as not needing a loan and being able to use your capital for business instead. It makes costing quotes on contracts easy with fixed monthly costs, no maintenance or registration expenses.

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