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Automatic Rice Noodle Steaming And Making Machine

Author: Sherry Liu
by Sherry Liu
Posted: Oct 29, 2018
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Automatic Rice Noodle Steaming And Making Machine

With the development of technology, there are more and more types of automatic rice noodle making machine. Such as: vertical, small, square, round and so on. Different styles not only have different functions, but also different advantages. The taste of the produced rice noodles is also different. Below, let me introduce you to the benefits of automatic rice noodle machine.

Automatic rice noodle machine features:

  1. As long as the machine is added to the rice slurry, it is a cooked product, which is labor-saving, economical, and time-saving than traditional manual production.
  2. the main components are aluminum alloy, stainless steel, clean and sanitary, in line with national food hygiene standards.
  3. changed the other models rely on manual pressure regulation, experience temperature adjustment method, using automatic constant temperature control, the operation is simple and reliable.
  4. The instrument panel and the operator are in the same position, intuitive, eye-catching, easy to operate, and more humane.
  5. thickness adjustable, by adjusting the temperature process. It can make the product foam, smooth the pattern and other effects.
  6. with low noise, high degree of automation, simple operation, sturdy and durable.

Automatic Rice Noodle Making Machine Performance:

  1. The main shaft is made of special steel and subjected to strict heat treatment to greatly extend its service life.
  2. The spindle is thickened and lengthened, and the motor power is increased to greatly increase the output.
  3. The original ordinary bearing is abolished, and the special structure bearing is adopted. Although the cost is increased, the use performance of the device is improved, the noise is eliminated, and the service life is prolonged.
  4. Add stainless steel trays at the exit to eliminate the need for hot water splashing or spilling the floor during use.
  5. The heating parts adopt the latest materials and stainless steel that have just been introduced in the world, which solves the problem of making the skin cool in winter.

How to choose good automatic rice noodle making machine?

  1. Machine main material: Mainly including the host material, the material of the small parts, etc., especially the quality of some rotating transmission parts, these parts are often running and wearing. If the materials used are not closed, the manufacturing process is defective, which will lead to a shortened service life of the machine. Look again at the quality of small parts such as electrical hardware, although it is not so easy to break, but if the small electric parts of the key parts are broken, it may cause the whole machine to be inoperable. The last thing to consider is the problem of spare parts. The machine is worn or not properly maintained. There are always things that can be bad. The price of spare parts and the replacement of the spare parts are all issues to consider.
  2. Price: As the saying goes, there is no good goods with low price, good goods are not cheap, so you can't just look at the price to buy, after the cheap machine buys back, it is easy to malfunction, you have to spend money to repair, the cost is also increased, Or the price of the made rice noodles is not good, the sales are affected, but it is not worth the candle. so the truth that the price of one point is still ubiquitous. Remind customers that prices are not the only standard of purchase.
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