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Resolve problems with Roku Remote Getting Error

Author: Anup Sharma
by Anup Sharma
Posted: Nov 01, 2018
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Remote problems are based on your remote which type of remote are you using for your Roku streaming player. there are two types of remote

  • Standard IR Remote (infrared remote)

  • Enhanced point remote.

If you are not sure which type of remote are you using for there is a simple method. remove the cover from battery compartment and look for a pairing button

Look at this picture, A remote with a pairing button is called Enhanced point "anywhere" remote. If you have this type of remote. This article is help you to resolve your problem first off all you have to know that Enhanced point "anywhere" remote how its works.

How Enhanced point "anywhere" remote Works

This remote is connect over with a wireless like its name anywhere you can point it anywhere you can connect this remote from anywhere its not need to be pointed directly at your Roku device in order to connect and this allows to install your Roku device on your cabinet with a door or behind the TV. during setup Enhanced point "anywhere" try to create a connection with your Roku device through a process called pairing. If you have remote you will get a message like this

After some time pairing process is completed now you are ready to control your device with your remote. Now we will discuss about the problems with Roku IR (infrared) remote.

How does an Infrared remote work

This remote using invisible infrared light to send the Roku device short distance from the remote to follow your command where the (IR) Transmitter is located to the front of your Roku device ( where the (IR receiver is located) to create a connection with your Roku device. And your Remote to be pointed directly at your Roku device and there must be nothing to block the signal of remote sending to your Roku device.

What is the reason for not working Infrared remote

When you press a button of your remote and device is not responding. You may thinking your remote is not working or device is damaged However, the most common reason of not responding is a Roku device is located in a position where the signal is blocked and its failed to establish a connection between your remote and your Roku device. And the second reason is low or dead your remote batteries. To resolve the problems try the following steps

Make sure you can see the front of your device from where you are using remote. Try to holding your remote higher (above your head) and point it downwards the device. And put your remote left or right and make sure always pointing directly at the Roku device. Check there are no obstructions blocking the signal of your remote and your Roku device or if possible move your Roku device to a position where it responds to button press

Reset the batteries

If your remote is not working it may be problem on remote batteries try to removing batteries from your remote and re-insert them. Even if your remote is not working change the battery of your remote.still your remote is not working. You may need to replace your remote.

If you have Faces any problems or getting Error you can contact Roku Com Link for help Roku Help Services

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