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Selection of Best Network Video Recorder for your Business

Author: Gw Security
by Gw Security
Posted: Nov 02, 2018
Any business needs security which is an essential requirement. You need to plan to earn profits and similarly, you need to manage to protect your assets as well. Security is one of the global concerns for all sorts of businesses, and some companies provide security and manage to offer varying kind of security solutions. Thus, one has to wisely choose the best security solutions for your company’s security.

One of the most widely used security solutions for your business or enterprise is the use of network video recorder surveillance systems. If you choose the Best Network Video Recorder, they have been proven to be the most effective solution for small as well as large enterprises, and there are many Affordable HD Network Video Recorder providers online.

The network video recorder main function is to collect and store videos that are captured by a group of cameras connected to the network. Thus Buy Network Video Recorder that is capable of streaming the audio and video data over a single cable thus providing better security.

Key benefits of buying the network video recorder from the Best NVR Company for your business are:

  • Network Video Recorder Manufacturers facilitate the use of multi-floor as well as multi-location monitoring of the security camera without any need of separate server for centralized monitoring.
  • You can have flexibility in data storage as you can assign a number of retention day’s camera wise.
  • The latest compression techniques are used such as H.256 that helps to reduce the storage space consumption by up to 50%.

Important Features for choosing the best network video recorder for your business are:

  • The latest
Video Recorder Manufacturer provides recorders that can record as well as decode images in 4K resolution. It is said that better the quality of the images, it will be easy to detect the activities.

  • Better compression techniques will reduce the extra cost of storage and bandwidth. This will optimize the storage space and retain data for more days, and thus no additional storage device is required.
  • The recorder should be powerful enough to record and decode about 2, 4, 8 or 16 channels of the camera in high resolution along with playback options.
  • The data that are recorded on the video recorder are heavier; hence they must have the capacity to attach the hard disks of at least 10TB per SATA slot.

We were one of the Best NVR manufacturers and adopted the changes in the security sector. Our aim is to provide the best products and deliver them to our valuable customers. We also provide a free demo session.

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