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Clarification of the Myths of HD- Coaxial DVR Solutions

Author: Gw Security
by Gw Security
Posted: Nov 02, 2018
HD-over-coaxial solutions are those which transmit high definition video over the coaxial cables and provides alternative to the HD surveillance besides the IP. But still, there are some concerns from the market about the setup of the coaxial cables. Let us look at some of the myths that are associated with the HD-coaxial and clarify them.

HDCVI is only compatible with its own DVR, then what about the HDTV1 and AHD, can they be connected with any type of DVRs, major query by HD-coaxial DVR manufacturer?

Each of the Best HD-Coaxial DVR has their own format and are compatible with its own DVR. The only solution that is compatible with all the formats is 960H. However, after initial testing, it was affirmed that different brand HDTV1 and AHD cameras could work with their respective DVRs, but the format should be the same. Thus buy HD-coaxial DVR with the same format as the coaxial cables.

Will the HDCV1 and HDTV1 completely replace the 960H as their picture quality is same as 960H?

The Top HD-Coaxial DVR Suppliers offer 720p solutions as they are similar to the 960H picture quality. However, the 960H products stand out as they offer and support most vendors of current cameras. HD-coaxial DVR manufacturer is working on introducing more of the 1080p HD-over-coaxial solutions in the market will affect the market of 960H or even IP for the SMB sector.

Are the current HD-over-coaxial DVRs support both 720p and 1080p at the same time?

However, this is not possible. The test results conducted by the Best HD-Coaxial DVR Company shows that HDCV1 and HDTV1, and AHD can support 720p and 1080p Motorized Security Camera and their corresponding DVRs. But the main issue is whether the same DVR can record both 720p and 1080p videos at the same time irrespective of the technology employed.

The HDCV1, HDTV1, and AHD are breaking traditional distance barriers, can they help with larger projects or they are more suitable for SMEs only?

The coax cable used can be of any grade as it is just a medium. The distance of transmission entirely depends on the system and voltage. Whereas the size of the project depends on several things such as compatible matrix system those used for HD-SDI or HD DVRs that supports more channels. Till now, HD-coaxial cable is implemented in the same way as a traditional analog for small to medium size projects through DVR+CMS architecture.

Therefore, we have tried to answer the most widespread queries in the market about HD-coaxial DVR, but as it is more widely used there will be more questions regarding its technology and applications.

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