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Has your garmin nuvi stopped responding.?

Author: Ronda Lee
by Ronda Lee
Posted: Nov 03, 2018
garmin nuvi

Usually we met with many unexpected things out of those is your Nuvi Device the touchscreen is not responding or is loses sensitivity on it or if it has lost its calibration, this issue arises when you are using the device for a long periods of time, improper care, smudges, dirt usually are the main factor that makes the touchscreen unresponsive and the major issue is the improper care.if your devices touchscreen is not responding as it should or expected. we at Garmin GPS support provides help and tips that are usually make the device work faster and also a boost in performance can also be done and there is an instruction on how to keep safe your Garmin and prevention from wear and tear.

In order to make sure that your Garmin is working properly, make sure that you have made the following changes to your Garmin GPS

1. Screen calibration

If your Garmin Nuvi touchscreen is unresponsive, you may need to calibrate your screen. Calibrating a device resets and make the screen reposition for the best performance without loosing your saved settings, before you calibrate your screen, you need to press and hold the Power button that would turn off the device. press and hold the power key for 40 seconds your device will automatically show up the calibration screen. You need to tap on the dot on the screen in order to automatically calibrate the device, now your Garmin is successfully calibrated.

2. Updating the Software

If the touchscreen of your Garmin Device is still not responding, try updating the devices to firmware to the latest version that can solve Operating System problem which leads the touchscreen not to respond. Before you update your devices firmware, connect is using a USB to your computer, the computer will automatically detect your Device and will show you the auto play menu that would appear on the screen, Now if you will move your arrow keys up down you can see that you are getting a option to click on my Garmin Agent download page, from there you can follow the instructions in order to update your Garmin Nuvi software firmware instantly and safely.

3. Cleaning

A decreased sensitivity can make the touchscreen to stop respond as dirt and smudges makes the sensitivity decreased, so if the touchscreen is dirty it is possible that your Garmin needed to be cleaned You can use a soft clean cloth in order to wipe the dirt off the screen a lint free cloth improves the performance. If the screen is very dirty use water or isopropyl alcohol, or you can use eyeglass cleaner to remove the dirt off your device it helps in removing tough stains, for avoiding mishandling use the liquid on the cloth not directly on the device.

4. Tips

Please always check your Garmin Nuvi Maintenance and storage information which I on tour device, if you read the manual carefully you will see that you can easily save it from premature war and tear which is very common. Extreme temperature of water related issues can make the touchscreen unresponsive and most likely your device may likely damage, in that situation you need to contact Garmin to get support for your device and get it troubleshooted and possible repairs. If you are attempting to disassemble and repair the GPS yourself, be careful you re risking the damage on that device by a very high number and the device may become unrepairable.

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Garmin Gps technical support team is highly capable to provide support to their approaching customers. Whenever you feel that your Garmin device is not working well, just dial toll free number +1-844-313-6006 for Garmin Support.

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