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Personal Finance Loan Options

Author: Poonam Dambare
by Poonam Dambare
Posted: Nov 03, 2018

Personal Finance Loan Options

Over the increasing needs of the people, and to compensate the increasing demands of the fund availability, the banks and NBFCs have been highly active in bringing the new products in the market, which caters to the needs of the people.

The demands of the various loan types are on the rise and catering to the demands, the banks, the NBFCs and several other fintech companies have been highly active on their toes to offer the people with the different loan options, which fulfill their requirements in the best way.

Rising Personal Finance Loan Options in the Market

With the advancement of technology, the more innovative ways for the convenience and ease of the customers has crept into the functioning of the financial sector. The more innovative products and schemes have allowed with the people to get the instant demand of the cash gets fulfilled with much ease. The rising demands of the personal loans have further pushed the limits of the market, and the financial agencies have been seen as offering several innovative schemes and offers in order to entice the customers towards their business. Now are the days when the people are flooded with the Personal Finance Loan Options in large numbers and this has allowed the people to make the better choice, depending on their choice and preference. However, the choice is not so easy, as there are so many Personal Finance Loan Options that may lead to the heavy confusion.

Use the Personal Loan in a way you like

Everybody is well aware of what the Personal Loan is and how to use it. Be it any personal use, you can avail the Personal Loan without a worry and the best part is that you need not mention anywhere in the entire application form, where and how you are going to spend the Personal Loan Amount. Thus, either you want to spend your personal loan amount on a wedding, or on a trip, you can avail the Personal Loan without a worry. There is no dearth of Personal Finance Loan Options to cater to your needs and wishes and get your instant dreams and necessitates gets fulfilled with the several Personal Finance Loan Options available in India.

Today, we will discuss some of the Best Personal Finance Loan Options available to cater to the needs of the people. With the below top class finance options available in the market, the customers will be served in the highly professional manner to complement their instant cash needs and let them solve the issues of their personal life. Let’s take a quick sneak into the Top Personal Finance Loan Options:

HDFC Bank Personal loan

HDFC Bank, being the top private banking institution in the country offers highly attractive personal finance loan options to the people, who are in dire need of the finance. Here are some salient points related to the HDFC Bank Personal Loan option:

  • Loan up to 40 lacs

  • Loan disbursed in 4 hours

  • Pre-approved loan offers available to some customers

  • Get a personalized loan offer

  • Protect yourself with the insurance; Personal accidental cover of up to 8 lacs and Critical Illness cover of up to Rs. 1 lac with the nominal premium, while Personal loan Security under Sarv Suraksha Pro allows the loan borrowers with the Credit Shield Cover equal to the outstanding loan amount and accidental Hospitalization cover of up to Rs. 8 lacs, while also Accidental Death/Permanent Disablement cover of up to Rs. 1 lac

  • Reach out to the customer care with the facilities like SMS, Webchat, Click2Talk and PhoneBanking

ICICI Bank Personal loan

Another big brand in the India financial field, the ICICI Bank is one of the top private banking firms, offering several loan products and catering to a large number of people in the entire country. Get to know some of the salient features of the ICICI Bank Personal loan:

  • Personal finance loan options starting from as low as 10.99% per annum

  • Flexibility of repayment options like Setting up ECS, PDC or auto-debit for EMI payment

  • Get the instant cash for your personal loan, and the banks claim the cash disbursal within 3 seconds (subject to conditions applied)

  • Top up loan facility on a personal loan with the conditions that a minimum of 12 EMIs must have been paid

  • Minimal Documentation and hassle-free loan disbursal

Yes Bank Personal loan

Yes Bank, being India’s 4th largest private bank offers the customers with the range of loan product options thus catering to the needs of the customers in the best possible way. Here are some salient features of the Yes Bank Personal finance loan options:

  • Get the principal approval in 60 seconds, thus offering one of the quickest loan approvals in the market

  • Quick disbursal of the loan within a matter of few hours

  • Attractive rate of interest starting from 10.75% per annum

  • Part Prepayment option available after 12 EMIs

  • Loan Amount up to 20 lacs INR

  • The requirements for the loan process involves the basic documentation

Clix Capital Digital Loan

Clix Capital Digital Loan is just another Personal Finance Loan option available to the people in India. The Clix, being an NBFC offer some of the greater flexibility in their various loan products. Check out the salient features of the Clix Capital Digital Loan below:

  • The Loan availability as low as Rs. 10000 allows people to cater to their smaller requirements with much ease

  • Wide range of loan amount availability allows the people to meet their high demand of the finance requirement with ease

  • Loan Application evaluation in a more innovative way

  • Approval of the personal finance at very low eligibility criteria, thus offering with the people to knock their doors, when all doors are shut down

  • Simple documentation involved in the Personal Loan application process

Capital First Personal loan

Among the list of Personal Finance loan options, Capital First is one such loan provider which caters to the needs of the Indian consumers, and small enterprises, and MSMEs. The salient features of the Capital First Personal loan can be found below:

  • Instant online approval with the approval of personal loan within 2 minutes

  • Loan amount ranging from 1 lac to 25 lacs, thus offering the loan seekers with the enough loan range to choose from

  • Flexible loan repayment tenures ranging from 1 year to 5 years

  • Preclosure facility available with the penalty just after 6 EMIs

  • Top-up loan facility for existing borrowers, if you want more

Fullerton India Personal loan

Another Personal Loan finance option available with the people is the Fullerton India Personal loan. Fullerton India is a non-banking financial company based in Mumbai and offering various retail finance products to the rural households and to small and medium enterprises in India. Let’s take a short look into the salient features of the Fullerton India Personal loan:

  • The Personal Loan starting from as low as 11.99% per annum

  • Loan amount up to 20 lacs INR for the salaried person, offers people with a high range to choose from!

  • Loan amount up to 30 lacs INR for the self-employed professionals, offers the self-employed to cater to their greater needs for various purposes like business expansions etc

  • Loan tenure ranges from 1 year to 4 years

  • Top up facility on the existing principal outstanding

InCred Personal Loan

InCred, one of the Non-Banking Financial Corporation based in Mumbai, India offers the wide range of services to the people in India with the products like Home Loan, Personal Loans, Educational Loan, Two Wheeler Loan and SME Loans. Take a close look at some of the salient features of the InCred Personal Loan:

  • Loan Amount of as low as Rs. 50000 allows the people to take the loan option to cater to their shorter needs

  • Covering up to 7.5 lacs, it allows the people to cover some high-end responsibilities of the life with the Personal Finance Loan Option

  • Completely online process of the application allows no visit to the branch

  • The Loan tenure of as low as 3 months, allows the people to get rid of the loan responsibilities in a hurry

  • Option to skip your EMI payment, by just informing to the customer care and to readjust the loan accordingly

HDB Financial Personal loan

HDB Financial offers another reasonable Personal Finance Loan option to the people looking to the Personal Loan needs to cater their Personal Requirements. Based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, the company offers a plethora of loan options ranging from Tractors Loans to the Doctors’ loan. In fact, you can approach this Non-banking financial corporation in search of any specific needs of the finance, be it Auto Loan, Gold Loan, Loans against shares etc. Let’s take a look at the HDB Financial Personal loan USPs:

  • Loans up to 20 Lacs INR allows the people to meet their high demands of the finance when it comes to the Personal Loan

  • Tenure ranging from 12 to 60 months allows people with the easy repayment terms

  • Special Offers and schemes applicable to the employees of selected companies (just check it, if you belong to the same!)

  • Interest rate begins from as low as 13.99%

  • Preclosure of the loan is allowed after 6 EMIs

Tata Capital Personal loan

Tata Capital Limited, a financial and investment service provider based in Mumbai, India has more than 100 branches all over the country to cover the various requirements of the people spread across various segments of the financial needs and demands. Let’s take a steep look into the Tata Capital Personal loan features

  • Personal Loan availability at the rate of interest as low as 12% per annum

  • The loan amount ranges from as low as Rs. 75000 up to 25 lacs

  • The Loan tenure ranging from 1 year to 5 years covers all the flexibility when it comes to the repayment of Personal Loans

  • Repayment of the loan through Electronic Clearing Service (ECS), an added benefit to the repayment of the Loan

  • Various repayment plans like Step Up Flexi, Step Down Flexi, Bullet Flexi available for the loan borrowers

ABFL Personal loan

ABFL or the Aditya Birla Finance Limited is a non-banking finance corporation, which is listed among the top NBFCs in the country. The Company provides a range of personal finance and business finance options to the Indian Customers. Here are some of the unique selling points of the ABFL Personal loan:

  • The Loan Amount ranges from as low as Rs. 25000 and extending up to 15 lacs INR

  • The Loan Tenure is fixed at a maximum of 5 years, thus offering the customers with the greater time limit for the repayment of the Personal Loan

  • The rate of interest on Personal Loan starts from 14%

  • Repay the loan amount with the easy installments via auto debit or PDC or ECS

  • Online approval of Personal Loans within 30 minutes

  • Preclosure of the loan is allowed after 6 months of the loan tenure

RBL Bank Ltd Personal loan

RBL Bank or the Ratnakar Bank Limited is a scheduled commercial bank, which is based in Mumbai and has its presence all over the country, thus catering to the Indian Consumers with their various loan offerings like Personal Loan, Business Loans, and all other important loan types. Take a look at some of the various salient features of the RBL Bank Personal loan:

  • The Personal Loan available at 14.5% per annum

  • The Loan amount ranges from Rs. 1 lac up to Rs. 20 lacs

  • Convenient loan repayment option with the loan tenure ranging from 1 year to 5 years

  • Availability of loan quote within 1 minute of loan application process

  • Prepayment comes with no charges at all and the same is applicable in case of foreclosure of the Personal Loan

  • Rate of interest doesn’t vary with the Credit Score, the loan amount may be varied with the credibility of the person

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