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Things To Know About Open Air Photo Booth

Author: Photo Booth Rent LA
by Photo Booth Rent LA
Posted: Nov 03, 2018

Before you pick a random Wedding Photo Booth Rental Los Angeles company for your special occasion, there is something you should know. There are two primary types of photo booths to choose from. One is your very favorite and very frequently used in small gatherings, the enclosed photo booth and the other is an open air photo booth. So just in case you’ve got your heart already set on a beautiful and cute and very much functional photo booth for your wedding or any kind of upcoming event, the feeling is without a doubt that of an achievement but don’t forget to weigh the pros and cons of it with other options. This is very important because according to the leading Open Air Photo Booth Los Angeles companies, this is probably the only biggest problem most party throwers face when choosing the booth they want. If you’re new to this whole photo booth thing, it is better to stick with the most basic rental option. But then if you do choose to explore a bit, you might be surprised at the different types of photo booths with varying looks, sizes, and functionality.

The Essence Of The Closed Photo Booths

Most people think of closed photo booths as their only option. They are very much like the traditional photo booth and have been around since forever. So, even if this is your first time choosing a booth for your party, it’s something you must have gotten familiar with in one way or another.

They come with the classic appeal and like I said, they have a more traditional, and retro feel so that makes them really hard to resist. You will have to agree that climbing into an enclosed photo booth and closing the curtains or covers behind you is nostalgic to the core. It brings back high school memories. You don’t get that feeling elsewhere at all. Also, they are much more compact and more private in nature. They also let you install better lighting and have cool additional accessories…

  • But What All Makes An Open Air Photo Booth So Special?

You’re already familiar with the traditional/enclosed photo booth but an open air photo booth continues to intrigue you and this is where the difference plays out. An open air photo booth leaves you out in the open with no enclosures to limit your activities and no curtains to prevent any extra light from entering the room.

Following Are The Most Obvious Benefits Of An Open Air Photo Booth

  • Open air photo booths suit all, your formal events, casual parties and corporate events and/ or trade shows
  • Also these have a much smaller footprint so it is fair to say that open air photo booths can get into the tightest of places where your traditional booths can’t
  • More room is something everyone who rents a traditional booth keeps complaining about but with an open air photo booth, these things are going to be the least of your problems
· That being said, open air booths can easily accommodate 6 to 8 adults comfortably so that means no one has to stay out of the frame. So, which one are you picking today?
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