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Details about Vastu Shashtra – Best Vastu Consultants in Delhi

Author: Astrologer Shashi
by Astrologer Shashi
Posted: Nov 05, 2018
vastu shashtra

Vastu Shashtra is literally known as "Science of Architecture". The word 'Vastu' means 'abode' and 'Shashtra' means 'science of knowledge'. So Vastu Shastra plays a vital role in designing and building of houses in a positive way and creating positive vibes by ruling out negative and evil energies.

Vastu Consultants in Delhi have in-depth and vast knowledge about Vastu Shashtra. They can help you with different issues related to your house which affects directly or indirectly your entire life. There are a lot of things related to attract positive vibes in your house. There are five main elements of Vastu Shashtra, namely, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space. According to traditional belief, the entire universe is made up of these five elements. Direction plays a very important role in Vastu Shashtra. It is said that if the things in your house are placed in right direction, it will attract positivity and will give you a happy and healthy life. If these are placed in wrong directions, it will affect health, finance, relationships and will create an overall negativity in your life.

Let's have a quick glance on the directions and their specific characteristics:

  1. East – As East stands for sunrise and beginning of a new day, so, it is believed to be the direction of prosperity for beginners. The entrance, living room, place of worship should face the East side. Treasure boxes and lockers should open towards east to attract prosperity. Kitchen and toilet should not be placed in the eastern side.
  2. West – This is the side where sun sets, so, this position is not good for beginners. In fact, those who live in the houses whose entrance and living room is situated in west, doesn't live a happy and peaceful life. It is advisable to have staircase and water tank in the western side of the house. Building a garage or storing garbage bins in western direction is the best idea.
  3. North – Northern direction is beneficial for business people or setting up an office. Researches show that the UV rays have least negative impact on northern side, so this side is auspicious and can be used as an open space or verandah. Don't put staircases and kitchen in the North as this may lead to financial loss.
  4. South – This is quite a contradictory direction. Some people get prosperity in this direction while others get negative impact on their lives from Southern side. Putting a staircase and an overhead tank in the southern side is a good idea.

These are some basic knowledge about Vastu Shastra. Good Vastu consultants in Delhi can provide you with an elaborate knowledge about the same. There are well-known vastu consultants present all over Delhi. Munirka in New Delhi, Janakpuri, Gurgaon, Lajpat Nagar, Paharganj are some of the areas where you will get renowned and well versed professional vastu consultants.

Therefore, choose a good vastu consultant and improve your life and get the best out of it by following their advise. Throw away all negative energy, attract positive vibes in your house and lead a healthy and cheerful life.

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Astrologer Shashi is the founder of this Astrology hub. She recommends the gemstones to her customers not only based on the rashi but also sees the proper position of their stars.

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