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5 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Quickly

Author: Ronak Singh
by Ronak Singh
Posted: Nov 03, 2018

We’ve all been there- stuck with a few hundred followers. There could be a lot of reasons why your Instagram followers count refuses to increase. However, one of the biggest reasons why a lot of really cool profiles do not get the recognition they deserve and that’s because they probably do not understand how important is it to rapidly grow their Instagram.

If you think that you'll just wait out for followers to just magically appear slowly and gradually; then you are sadly mistaken.

Ultimately, you need to make efforts to gain followers, let users explore your profile and lure as much active audience as you possibly can.

Here are a few steps by which you can augment your Instagram growth effectively-

#1. Speedy growth with Instagram automation

There are online tools from which you can buy Instagram followers. One of the biggest advantages of making the purchase is that you are guaranteed to see instant results. It's are the most effective way to have active and genuine followers. More genuine followers will be equivalent to more engagement on your profile, then it will further ensure better growth for your Instagram.

SocialCaptain is a recommended tool if you wish to see real-time results and speedy followers growth with Instagram automation.

#2. Improvise your content

After you’ve enhanced your Instagram with real followers and now that your profile is finally presentable to the world, it’s time to boost your content. If you really wish to showcase yourself, you need to do in the way that matters.

Instagram is all about fantastic visuals so you need to get creative with it. Engage with more colors and get creative with the content you post. Don’t forget- creativity is the key.

The higher is your quality of images, the more engagement you will have from your followers.

#3. Consistency is the hidden secret behind all things successful

If you ever wondered about how some pages easily garner millions of followers, you should always check out the number of posts those pages have. Also, be sure to note the time frame between each post they upload and observe the profiles which are consistent and post frequently.

More often than not, the profiles which post consistently have a lot more engagement than those which do not. After all, the public loves fresh content.

#4. Engage with your followers

You expect your followers to like your images and comment on your posts, however, it never crosses your mind that your followers might feel discouraged if you are not giving them the same courtesy.

Always make sure to reply to all the comments on your posts and sometimes engaging in a friendly banter with followers won’t hurt either.

#5. Collaborate with some popular influencers

Instagram has been the core platform to motivate raw talent and creativity. If you encourage people to collaborate with you or look for some popular influencers to join hands with you, you could profoundly boost your Instagram growth automatically.

Look for the right people to endorse you, present what you have to offer, and just impress them. If they happen to post about you on their page, you can easily reach out to their fans as well.

So these were the five easy steps in which you can ensure a steady future for your Instagram. However, to start the era of an iconic Instagram career, you’ve got to begin with your own army of followers. Without them, there isn’t really a scope.

Your page wouldn’t be explored by users if there wasn’t any engagement, more users wouldn’t follow you, no one would reach your content and your dreams will be reduced to dust.

Try SocialCaptain out and spare yourself all the trouble of gaining followers organically. It does all the work for you.

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