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Managing Cat Litter Boxes

Author: John Alex
by John Alex
Posted: Nov 08, 2018

Cats are those furry four-legged friends of yours who need extra care and love. These are the angels with whiskers and a family member who is pampered the most. Taming cats is a difficult task since they have their own ways of doing things especially when it comes to littering.

There are many options available for cat litter like sand, crystal, paper, and pines. Cat litter sand, being the basic, and the most economical of all. It is said that if an individual plan to clean the cat litter box fully everyday cat litter sand is the best option to go with. There are many things which need to be taken into consideration while functioning with the cat litter box. Since the cleanliness of the box and the component used like cat litter sand have a direct impact on the health and cleanliness of the cat and the house as well.

When going with cat litter option stick to the one with which your pet is comfortable, since changing the component now and again will make the poor thing uncomfortable and irritable; and this will impact the eating habit of the little one. For example, if you are going with the cat litter sand and the cat is comfortable with it do not switch it. The choice of the box also plays a vital role in the littering habit of the pet, for instance, you can go with a closed litter box to give some privacy and comfort to you furry baby, but it should be of such size which does not make the little one feel suffocated. Keep the litter box at such a place where it is accessible to your furry friend, if not then they might not use it and dirty the house floor. Also, do not place the litter box near any sound causing machine or heat emitting appliance since these things often make the pet nervous. When using cat litter sand keep into consideration not to keep the box near cat’s food or water bowl, since after finishing the business the cats usually dig the sand to cover their debris, which might contaminate the food and make it unhealthy to consume. Next pivotal thing is to clean the box at regular intervals which may even mean daily. Indeed it’s a complex job to clean it daily but, the healthiest one. You can also go for self-cleaning boxes, these are the latest in the market; but, if your cat is comfortable with the old box do not change it since these cute buddies find it hard to adjust to something new all of a sudden. If you are petting more than one cat beware that cats do not use the box which has already been used by some other cat. Therefore, you will have to manage more than one litter boxes or to be more specific one box per cat and keep them clean. Here is when cat litter sand will prove to be the most rational decision as mentioned above. Following the above tips will not only keep your house clean but also your pet happy and healthy.

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Author: John Alex

John Alex

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