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Why Do Veterinary Doctors Recommend Dry Kitten Food?

Author: John Alex
by John Alex
Posted: Nov 08, 2018

Where there is health there is food, since food has a direct impact on the health of a being. When talking about pets they are just like another child for their family, and their health means a lot to the family members. Here is where cat food gets its important status. Kittens and Cats are very particular when it comes to food, unlike dogs which prefer eating anything and everything. They are obligate animals i.e. they need a particular amount of nutrients in their intake. Along with the nutrients they also require a minimal amount of fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and, carbohydrates. Therefore, canned cat or kitten food comes in a variety of options available depending upon the breed of cat one is petting.

Even veterinary doctors recommend canned cat food since it contains all the required nutrients and vitamins necessary for the furry little one’s well being, also this food is flavored so that the little one eats it. Another reason for preferring canned food over normal food items is that the food which humans eat are all adultered and do not provide a full level of nutrients to these animals. Veterinary doctors recommend feeding the kittens with the best dry kitten food available in the market. The best dry kitten food contains around 6 to 10 percent of water, therefore when feeding your little one with dry canned food make sure it has access to fresh water all the time.

The best dry kitten food has the following healthy options which make it veterinary doctors favorite type of kitten food: meat or meat by-products, poultry or poultry by-products, grain or grain by- products, fish meal, fiber products, milk products, and vitamins and minerals supplements. These items of the best dry kitten food are quoted with flavor to make them likable by the pet. Usually, animal fat is quoted on these food items to make them an appetizer for the furry buddies. The problem with semi-moist and wet canned food is that these are relatively expensive and also they dry out after some time, here is when the best dry kitten food overpowers them; since it is already in dry form it has no issue of drying with time and also it is relatively economical as compared to the other two types of canned food. Therefore, it is recommended by the veterinary doctors since it has these both advantages making it a good option for many kitten owners.

There are some precautions which need to be taken while using the best dry kitten food as suggested by the veterinary doctors: The dry canned food should be stored in cool and dry place otherwise it will be less digestive for the pet. After the canned food has expired in no case it should be fed to the pet. The canned food should also not be stored for too long otherwise the potency and effectiveness of many vitamins and minerals will decrease with time; making the food less healthy for the little one. Last but not least the dry canned food should be stored in airtight containers to maintain their vitamin and mineral level and the flavor. Keep the loved four-legged friend of your healthy and happy with the best dry kitten food.

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Author: John Alex

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