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Selling Tips for Smoke Shops

Author: Vikram Kumar
by Vikram Kumar
Posted: Nov 09, 2018

In early days, we used to find smokes in small shops near our houses or in big departmental stores. With time, now we find these stores which specialize in wholesale of smoking supplies. The number of these shops involved in the wholesale of raw cones have increased over the years. This means that the competition has also increased to a great extent. Hence, it is very important for you to plan and execute your business properly. Here are a few tips for your wholesale shop of smoking supplies.

Tips for your smoke shop:

  • Remove all the clutter: When you start a smoke store, you should have your products placed in similar ways. First of all, don’t give your customer the image that a tobacco shop is dirty and cluttered with tobacco smelling all over the place. Clean it up and make it look tidy and nice. This will attract many customers who would have otherwise stayed away of the scared store.
  • Place your products carefully: To have a successful wholesale of smoking supplies and raw cones, you should make sure that you have a stock of the right kind of products. The stock of tobacco should be replaced often and shouldn’t be old. Old tobacco can often get damped and might drastically reduce your store sales. Always keep a sufficient stock of products so that you don’t run out of them. Be well aware of the brands of tobacco and products you have in your wholesale store of smoking supplies.
  • Proper customer service: If you have a smoking store, it is obvious that you are going to have employees. Make sure that your employees are well aware of the products in your store. They should know everything starting from the wholesale of smoking supplies to the wholesale of raw cones. Your employees should be smart and customer friendly. They should be able to take your customers through all the products in the shop and convince them to buy most of them. Good employees can attract a lot of customers.
  • The look of the store: This is one of the most important things when you want to open a wholesale smoking supplies store. If your store looks colorful and innovative, it is surely going to attract more customers. You can ask any professional to design your store. You can also decorate your counters and doors with different types of products from your store. Customers and passerby can look at them and plan to enter your shop.
  • Maintain proper POS systems: To maintain a proper track of your sales, costs and other things related to the wholesale of smoking supplies and raw cones, you need a proper point of sale system. This way, you are going to have a better management of your funds.
  • Come up with new offers: A smoker is not going to come just once. If he or she likes your products, that person is going to be a regular customer at your shop. Hence, you can make them come to your shop again and again. For example: you can give them discount coupons on their next buy of raw cones or smoking supplies. You can also give some free gifts along with their supplies. This way you will make a bunch of loyal customers who will keep coming to your store.

Wholesale of smoking supplies has a lot of potential in today’s date. You just need to get your merchandising ideas correct and you are good to go. Once you master all of the above points, you will have a successful wholesale business of smoking supplies.

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Author: Vikram Kumar

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