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How to Stay Productive in University?

Author: Andrew Lewis
by Andrew Lewis
Posted: Nov 09, 2018
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Being productive is the key component of succeeding and surviving in university. We all are well aware of the fact that students go through immense pressure when it comes to finding a balance between studies, jobs, friends, family and personal growth. If you are ambitious and have several goals that you would like to achieve, then you should invest more time in being productive.

What is Productivity?

In the purest sense, it truly is an art, that only gets better through your habits. It is a measure of your efficacy and how quickly you can complete tasks through full focus and minimum amount of mistakes. No wonder, this trait will help you succeed with leaps and bounds.

Many YouTubers and students who are bloggers are advocating about productivity. They can be a huge inspiration for students around the globe – especially when one sees them achieving their overwhelmingly extensive career goals. All the while, keeping up with their family, friends and personal grooming.

Become More Aware of Your Energy Levels

students vary from each other and you may already have understood that the strategies that work for your peers may not work for you, hence you must be more mindful of your energy patterns. You may be a nocturnal reader or an early bird – thus, accordingly you have may different peaks of energy levels. To raise your productivity levels to their maximum potential, you must chalk down the hours of the day when you can get the most down without feeling lethargic. Although, it is best advised that you get a consecutive six to eight hours of sleep every night to perform better. But to each their own!

Work on Improving Your Time Management Skills

The easiest manner of improving your time management skills is by categorizing your tasks into the urgent and important, not urgent but important, not important nor urgent and least important and not urgent either. In this manner, keeping the energy levels in mind, as discussed earlier you will be able to focus on the things that are more worthy of your time. While the errands that you have to perform, like doing your own laundry or celebrating a friend’s birthday, can be done when most of your energy has petered out doing the more important things. Time management and productivity go hand in hand, hence if you are working one, you are also improving the other. Most platforms of effective British essay writing also advocate the necessity of working on these traits for every university student.

Study in an Organized Environment

Being in an organized environment makes your brain function better. If you are sitting in an unorganized room and things are probably so scattered all over the place that you have to look around for a pen, then chances are that you might break a smooth thinking process. Hence, if you do not have the time to keep your dorm room or house clean, then you may rush to the library to complete the chapter you were hoping to get done.

Switch off Your Phone and Only Use It in Intervals

One of the biggest productivity killers is your phone. You tend to pick it up and end up losing track of time by texting or surfing on the internet for hours. Hence, if you are someone who is struggling with phone addiction, then you must go cold turkey on your habit and completely shut your phone until you are done with the task at hand. Using your phone from time to time also unnecessarily prolongs your task and you eventually lose interest in what you were doing.

Make a Timetable and Plan Your Activities the Night Before

In university, you may be asked to submit several assignments at various times. Moreover, you may be required to prepare for quizzes from different subjects. It can be rather hard to keep track of all of them, hence if you are someone who is forgetful then you must build an elaborate timetable. Most students seem to lose track of time and only realize that they had assignments to submit just a couple of days before. Hence, they have to resort to assignment help, even though they are capable of working on it on their own.

To get organized, carefully jot down of the tasks that you would like to get done in a month’s time. Then, every night you must make sure that you reinforce those by recalling the things that you are required to do –maybe even modifying your list, with added events that need your attention. This way when you get up in the morning, so instead of wasting the crucial productivity hours of the day, trying to figure out what to do next, you will be more motivated to get the job done.

Moreover, sticking to a timetable not only gives you a clear-cut direction, but it also helps you give that a substantial amount of pressure that is required to drive and motivate you. Just make sure that you are not adding too many things in your list for that can really stress you out, once you fail to achieve your goals.

Take Short Breaks

Being productivity certainly does not mean working till the point of burnout, instead, it means managing your time more effectively and performing in a more focused manner. That is, why once you have divided your task into smaller, manageable chunks, you must also take short breaks in between. Using your phone in these intervals may not be the smartest choice, since you may end up wasting more time than you should. Instead, go out for a quick walk, grab yourself a cup of coffee, call up a friend who is working on the same assignment as you. This way you do not only feel refreshed, but you will be more driven to get a return to your task. Just make sure that you properly time your breaks as well.

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