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Innovation in Website development

Author: Varun Ponnan
by Varun Ponnan
Posted: Nov 10, 2018
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Our world is filled with technologies and developments so it is vital to have a digital presence. Websites helps you in marketing products and services provided by company. So website development is an essential part in every business. As the details are been provided at their fingertips by website. The web design should contain attractive and impressive design as well as catchy content to attract the customers.


As unique web solutions attract people it is essential to get updated with the growing trends. In recent times the usage of desktop for web searches compared to mobile web searches have increased to a great extent. This change in web hosting is due to easy accessibility of services. As the growth of technology it is necessary to provide websites that can be accessed from any devices.

Advent of Progressive web apps

Progressive web apps are similar to websites as it delivers apps like experience to users. As it loads quicker than native apps and gives a rich mobile experience. They use the latest technology to give user a better experience.

Why use progressive web app


Web apps are very fast loading. You can access the content and the images as it load quickly than normal web pages. It also provides navigation to deliver a better user experience.


Users prefer apps than websites in this growing world. So it is necessary to provide fast responsive apps to meet their needs. As it does not require a stable network to work.


Https helps to keep the user information from getting stolen by others. It is an interface that converts information sent from browser to web server. The user are provided with secure connection to access web.

Integrated experience

These applications provide users, a different exposure as it can be used both online and offline. Where some apps don’t work offline. It does not require the internet to access all its contents. You can also save contents of the application in offline.


Websites cannot send notifications to its users. Progressive website apps have a push notifications option that send reminders and updates. It helps to increase the user experience.

Home screen access

The users can add web apps to their home screen. As it can be easily accessed by them and can be used regularly. It appears as a normal app and does not require large space or data to access it.


Progressive webs apps does not require a separate updates like other applications. They do not require any approval from user or app store to get updates. It makes the changes on its own. As it appears to be new every time you access it.

Quick Repairs

The biggest lead in progressive apps is that is very easy to fix issues. As there is no need of authorisation from users or any app store for changes. You can makes the quickly in the apps.

Why choose progressive web apps

Progressive web apps help to engage user into using your application. As you do not require to download in order to reach large customers. It is fast and easy to access it. The PWA’s help to optimise your website in search engine results.

Future of Progressive web app

Progressive web apps has a great possibility to emerge as one of the interactive web design that can be used through mobile devices. As there is a vast growth in technologies and developments it has paved way for the use of PWA’S than native apps.

PWA’S has proved that businesses gain a lot with this technology. It proves that there is flexibility in using PWA’S as it has a unique place in the industry. It has also increased the time spent on apps. There is a lot of things changing as major business have moved from native apps to PWA’S. In the near future website will use progressive design to reach its potential customers.

About the Author

Varun is a Business Development Executive and content writer in an organization and enthusiasm in writing, blogging about technology updates.

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Author: Varun Ponnan

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