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5 Tips To Make Moving House Cheap And Easy

Author: Sarah James
by Sarah James
Posted: Nov 13, 2018

The stress of moving house can be reduced by taking a few steps that will save you time and money, from finding a great Ute for hire on the Gold Coast to placing Styrofoam plates between your plates when you stack them and wrapping other types of breakable crockery in some of your soft clothing to keep them safe while saving expensive soft wrap. Cut hand holds on each side of all your cardboard boxes makes them easier and safer to carry.

These other five tips will help make the job easier:

Start Planning as soon as you have a definite date you’re going to move on

Make a list of everything you need to do and create a time frame of when it needs to be done. Things like redirecting mail, changing phone, internet and satellite TV connections as well as notifying the bank of your new address all need to be done early so they have time to make the changes required.

Clear out the Extra Stuff You No Longer Need

In the weeks leading up to the move, you will have time to sort through your gear and get rid of all the accumulated things you no longer need. Maybe you can sell some to offset the cost of moving or send it to the local recycling shelter so someone needy benefits.

Plan your Packing

Get used packing boxes from the supermarket; usually, they are free. If you mark each box when packed with either a colour code or list of contents on the side that corresponds to a floor plan of your new home, you can be sure to place each box in the right place.

Heavy stuff like books can be packed in suitcases with clothing so the load is spread around making carrying easier.

Make sure you have items like rope for tying, masking tape for sealing boxes and a range of plastic bags to lose items.

When you remove screws or bolts place them in small plastic bags and tape them to the item so they will not get lost.

Find the Best Ute or Van Rental from Gold Coast Ute Hire

Usually, you will find the best rental deals are available from your local ute hire agency as often this is a better option than trying to use friends or relatives vehicles that are really not designed for moving purposes. You then can have a fixed cost and will not find your self-having to fill a few vehicles with gasoline.

Get Help Early

Arrange for people to help you with the move well before your chosen moving date to ensure you have a few good strong people to help with your move, then turn your moving into a fun social event rather than a difficult chore.

Liberal amounts of good pizza and a few beers after can make a well planned move very enjoyable with friends.

Moving house need not be expensive or stressful if you take the time to plan it well in advance and make all the necessary arrangements well before moving day. Pack breakables wrapped in spare clothing and get used boxes from shops and ensure you have plenty of tape markers and rope.

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