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Four Key Factors to Consider Before Choosing Bollards: Perth Expert Advice

Author: Tony Scott
by Tony Scott
Posted: Nov 13, 2018

Traffic bollards can play a major role in how our businesses promote public safety for customers and employees. Whenever pedestrians and vehicles come into proximity with each other, the chances of an accident are increased significantly. For this reason, we turn to traffic safety equipment to mitigate these risks and provide protection. However, choosing the right equipment and installing it where it’s needed most can be tricky. In this article, we will look at four key factors that you will need to consider before the installation can begin.

1. Do You Also Need Enhanced Security?

It’s important to look at your business and consider whether the location could be a target for criminals, vandals, trespasser or even in extreme circumstances terrorists. As your needs for security increase, the need for permanently mounted bollards over removable bollards becomes evident. A very powerful bollard deterrent can still look aesthetically pleasing, and they will pull double duty as protection for pedestrians from traffic.

2. Will Access to Certain Locations be Limited?

Some businesses need to restrict access to certain locations periodically. If this is applicable to your business, this can easily be achieved by installing retractable, removable or fold down parking bollards. These can be lowered or removed as required to allow or deny access to a specific location-

3. Is Public Perception Important?

Some businesses are tucked away out of sight, and they don’t receive many visitors. Other types of businesses may need to cultivate a certain image, and they need to carefully consider their kerbside appeal. Aesthetically pleasing bollards are available, but they often come with an additional premium attached. These bollards suffer no loss in toughness and functionality, and they look amazing. If aesthetics are not important to your business, you can get a lot more bollard for the money.

4. Do You Need Special Features?

It may be the case that your business has peculiar geographical or weather related conditions that could affect your choice of parking or traffic bollards. Perhaps you need more visibility because your location receives large amounts of snow or rain in winter. If you’re located in a hilly area, you may need to work around natural barriers that could work against your bollard placement. If you have a 24 hour location you need protection during low light and night time conditions and reflective or lit bollards could be useful. Take some time to evaluate your particular business needs or ask a local professional bollard company for advice.

If they are looking for any types of bollards, Perth based business and property managers should get in touch with us here at Image Bollards. We manufacture, supply and install a wide selection of high quality security and safety equipment including parking bollards. All of our security bollard products are manufactured to exacting standards, and they are fully compliant with Australian rules and regulations. Our team is here and standing by to discuss your project needs in greater detail, and they will be happy to answer any additional questions that you may have.

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Supply and install high quality security bollards around Australia, we supply wide range of bollards including steel bollards, removable, along with rubber wheel stops.

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Author: Tony Scott

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