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Getting the most out of your kitchen sink: Functionality!

Author: Alex Havens
by Alex Havens
Posted: Nov 15, 2018
kitchen sink

The kitchen sink is the most used tool in the homes kitchen, a workstation used for food prep, dishwashing, and other tasks. One of the most important factors of a kitchen sink is the usability, functionality, and visual appeal. It's easy to pick out a sink, but is it easy to pick out the right sink? That is the question on the mind of many homeowners that are remodeling or designing a kitchen from scratch. Perhaps shopping for cabinetry and countertops is easier once the sink is selected, or maybe vice versa.

Let's explore some of the most important decisions when considering a kitchen sink for your home. If you are remodeling your already existing kitchen, you may want to consider a custom sink, as this decision can help save thousands on the overall budget. Going with a custom sink allows the designer to not be confined to certain sizes and dimensions when selecting other products. For example, if you go with a standard size sink, that may only be available with an 8 inch depth, you will be unable to have a deeper bowl dimension. The same goes for the length and width, as most of these dimensions are standard. The most common kitchen sink lengths are 30 inch, 33 inch, 36 inch, and 42 inch. Any size length dimension other than those is considered a custom sink.

In terms of width, the most common sizing requirements are 19.5 inch for a non-apron sink, and 21 inch for a farmhouse sink. To learn more about the specifications of sinks, visit here for Havens full guide. One of the most important dimensions of the sink will be the sink depth. This will most likely be determined by the way that you use the sink in your kitchen. If you prefer a deeper sink, you may want to go with a depth around 10 inches. This will give you a deeper bowl that allows for soaking larger pots and pans, giving you more usability and functionality in the space. A deeper bowl will mean a further reach for the user and can be a challenge for people that are shorter than average.

Another factor to consider on sizing and dimensions is that of the reach to the faucet. If you have selected the proper faucet, the adequate bowl reach from the front of the sink is just as important. The overall width of the sink should not exceed the user's ability to reach to the faucet comfortably. The faucet should be easily reached while standing up right at the very front of the sink, without straining the back. If the user cannot adequately reach the faucet with their fingers without leaning over the sink bowl, the width of the sink is too great. This is when a narrower width (front to back) should be considered.

Shopping for farmhouse sinks, it is very important to consider the sizes and overall specifications of the sink. These items can be determined by measuring arm length, cabinetry sizing, and overall integration of the sink and faucet together. Analyzing the different dimension requirements can best be done with attention to an extensive guide by Havens Metal, the leading manufacturer of custom stainless steel sinks. Havens has various custom options available and can build a sink for any range of circumstances.

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