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Biological Wastewater Treatment - Sustainable and Cost Effective Solution

Author: Kv Gopalakrishnan
by Kv Gopalakrishnan
Posted: Nov 21, 2018

At A.T.E, we aim at converting wastewater to bilge water using highly advanced treatment processes, thereby reducing the amount of contaminants before discharging back to the environment. Our cost-effective and sustainable services are widespread in diverse range of industries like textiles, petrochemicals, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and RDRO. With practical and energy-efficient biological wastewater treatment processes like sludge treatment, wastewater reuse, nitrification and de-nitrification, zero liquid discharge, disinfection and more, A.T.E is equipped with comprehensible solutions for treating wastewater from household and industries.

In partnership with Huber, we specialize in sustainable solutions to minimize damage to the environment by coming up with decentralized wastewater treatment processes. Our team of experts bridges the gap between wastewater and the treatment by coming up with cutting edge and innovative technologies. Let’s get a look at the services we provide:

Industrial Wastewater TreatmentTextilesBeing aware of the sheer amount of wastewater produced in the manufacturing and designing of textiles, A.T.E has reliable solutions to the issue. We offer optimal industrial wastewater treatment services like the removal of dyes (de-inking) chemicals, solvents and bleach from the beginning of the rinsing process so that the waste products are under control. Services that our team of experts provides for the textile industry include:· Homogenization· Neutralization· Physical-chemical Treatment

PharmaceuticalsTreating toxic chemicals from pharmaceutical companies is a tricky job and that’s why at A.T.E, we make sure to provide viable biological wastewater treatment solutions. Different pharmaceutical companies have a different composition of wastewater, so with our services like· Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBS) process· Activated sludge biological process· Anaerobic digestion process· And more, we offer a wide range of technologies to get purified effluent.

Chemicals and PetrochemicalsUsing Integrated Treatment System (ITS), our experts at A.T.E work to remove hydrocarbons, grease, BOD loadings, chemicals (organic and inorganic) and metals at nominal installation costs and effective maintenance. We also use conventional biological wastewater treatment for wastes with high BOD and COD, oil and total solids.

Sugar and DistilleriesWastewater from the distillery industry can damage aquatic life and the overall environment near it. That’s why at A.T.E, we provide anaerobic treatment of wastewater along with two-stage biological wastewater treatment. This involves: anaerobic digestion and lagooning as a part of the anaerobic process and trickling filters and activated sludge process as a part of the aerobic process. Other methods adopted by our team include:· Chlorination· Filtration· Absorption

Food and DairyA.T.E provides customized services to the food processing industries as wastewater are disposed of in multiple processing steps like cleaning and conditioning raw materials, cooling, sanitizing and sterilizing. We understand each process and come up with easy-to-implement and eco-friendly solutions like Ozone disinfection and UV disinfection. This leaves us with less residues and by-products and is a win-win situation for all. Further, we take active steps to control microorganisms as a part of industrial wastewater treatment.

We categorise the wastewater produced into three types:1. Process water2. Cooling water3. Food wastewaterWhile process water is treated with solutions like deionization, cell disruption and softening, cooling water is recycled and softened to reduce the waste produced. Food wastewater is analysed and their BOD and COD checked.

In dairy industries, where the wastewater has high levels of BOD, COD, and pathogens and dissolved solids, A.T.E manages the wastewater by analysing and minimising the residue produced. Our efficient service called activated carbon treatment can remove the odour from the wastewater, which can thereby be reused. All this at a low maintenance cost. A.T.E devotes its role towards treating wastewater and facilitates this by the multiple services that we provide. Spread across many countries, we work towards doing our bit in saving precious natural resources and providing quality biological wastewater treatment.

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