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3 Important Items You Need To Improve The Quality Of Sleep Your Toddler Gets

Author: Trudy Seeger
by Trudy Seeger
Posted: Dec 02, 2018
them pajamas

Being a toddler is an important stage of growth that everyone passes through as they grow into adulthood. Toddlers tend to have a lot of energy and at this stage they are also very impressionable. It’s at this stage that most parents tend to start disciplining the child or begin sleep training. When it comes to going to bed, most toddlers in their early years are used to being nursed or rocked until they fall asleep. However, as a parent, as the child grows into this stage, it is important to teach them how to go to bed by themselves and also teach them good sleeping habits. This way, you are teaching them independence at an early age and you don’t have to be there for them to fall asleep. When you begin sleep training, you need to keep it consistent if you want it to work, this is according to Since it is already a difficult time, you want to reduce all distractions to ensure that the toddler gets good quality sleep. Some of the things to enhance the quality of nap time include;

1. Pillow

A pillow is very important when it comes to getting good sleep. However, for it to do its job, you need to get the right pillow for your toddler. The pillow made for toddlers is different than the one for adults. Make sure to get one that is just the right texture and size for them. When looking for a pillow, you need to find one that is made from high quality materials that won’t cause allergic reactions in your toddler. If you want, you can check out the highest rank organic toddler pillow on amazon. A pillow is good because it will provide neck and back support for your toddler making them comfortable. It will also give them something to snuggle into.

2. Pajamas

One way through which you can signal to your toddler that it is time for bed is by getting them some pajamas. You can have a short bath time before bed after which you change them into their pajamas. After that, put them to bed. After a few days, they will start to associate the night bath times and pajamas with bedtime allowing them to mentally prepare for it. If possible, get them pajamas that they like to motivate them into changing fir bed. Get comfortable pajamas that will let them sleep well.

3. Set bed time

The most important aspect when it comes to sleep training is setting a bed time. If you want to give your toddler structure, then you need to set a particular time for them to go to bed. This time should be consistent. When this time approaches, put them to bed whether or not they are sleepy. This will help to keep the schedule consistent. Don’t confuse the child by having different bed times every single day. it will be harder for them to adapt then.

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